As the "Everything or Nothing" release countdown reaches the 100 day mark, MI6 rounds up the latest intel from the new Bond game...

"Everything Or Nothing" August Preview
6th August 2003

The GoldenEye Experience
When Everything or Nothing was first announced, suspicion was raised over the suggestion that the game would be a sequel to GoldenEye. MI6 can reveal that the storyline is in contrast a tribute to the GoldenEye movie - not a sequel as rumoured - with the main basis of the script being a GoldenEye style conspiracy, revolving around a reminiscence of the Cold War. At this stage, exact details of the script are sketchy but are believed to be based on the stealing of 'nanotechnology', where Willem Dafoe's character Nikolai Diavolo is likely to be involved.

A New Structure
Everything or Nothing will introduce a new structure that we haven't seen in a Bond game before. The game will be split up into four main 'acts', each based around one main location. Within each act there will be different missions based in separate maps, MI6 can bring you the full running of the first act based around Egypt as an example.

You begin by rappelling down the side of a building believed to be the Nano-tech facility, then onto chasing a train through Egypt's canyons in the Porsche Cayenne SUV. Once you catch up and board the train your aim is to make your way around stealthily until you find Jaws. After defeating Jaws you must chase after the person who stole the nanotechnology, via helicopter which can be seen in the official trailer. Another key element may involve the Triumph Daytona 600 motorcycle, as exclusively revealed on MI6.

The main location of each act is as follows; Act 1: Egypt, Act 2: New Orleans, Act 3: South America, and Act 4: Moscow.

Right: Heidi Klum will play villainess Katya Nadanova.



Qs Lab
Everything or Nothing will feature some gadgetry new to the Q Lab. One example, a multi-function grenade, is not only a double featured frag and stun grenade but also has an EMP function which will disable any electrical devices in the blast radius. A special contact lens will include an anti-stun function, giving protection from enemy stun grenades along with a slow motion mode which will slow down the action in Bond's eyes. The nanotechnology from the plot will also be used to your advantage and you will be able to use the Nano suit which cloaks the surrounding atmosphere allowing Bond to sneak around undetected.

The Bond Music
In traditional Bond movie style, Electronic Arts have brought in singing talent for the Everything or Nothing theme song. Esthero's 'Nearly Civilized' song was used for the first time in a Bond game for NightFire, but expect a theme written exclusively for the game this time around. MI6 will bring you the latest developments on the artist soon.

Left: Shannon Elizabeth will play Bond girl Serena St. Germaine.

Other features such as a reward system will return in Everything or Nothing. Much like the reward systems in Agent Under Fire and NightFire, you will be able to gain Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medals that will unlock hidden upgrades like multiplayer maps and characters. The co-op multiplayer mode will feature 12 original maps, unlike some of the NightFire maps which were themed from single player levels.

Stay tuned to MI6 for all the latest Everything or Nothing developments.

Release Dossier
"Everything or Nothing" will be released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Gameboy Advance.
UK: November 14th
USA: November 18th
Australia: November 17th

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