007Gaming reports on what you can expect later this year in the next Bond game by EA - "Everything or Nothing"...

"Everything or Nothing" Preview
11th May 2003

Hot off the press following yesterday's announcement that the title of the next Bond gaming adventure will be "Everything or Nothing", 007Gaming files this report on what you can expect from EA later this year.

Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan

The first exciting announcement came with news that Pierce Brosnan will lend his voice as well as his likeness to the upcoming Bond game 'Everything or Nothing'.

Many fans felt disappointed that Bond's "Pierce Brosnan" model in EA's latest game "NightFire", was voiced by an actor and not Brosnan himself.

As MI6 reported back in February, EA hoped to have more involvement from Brosnan with the next game, and their wish has come true with "Everything or Nothing".

Fans will also see the return of some familiar faces from previous games and also a range of new Bond girls and villains. The original script is being written by three-times Bond movie scribe Bruce Feirstein, and will contain locales from four continents including the French Quarter of New Orleans, a mountain fortress in Peru, a secret facility in Egypt, Red Square in Moscow and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.


Strategy, Stealth & Action

The gameplay will involve much more interaction with the environments than seen in any Bond game before - the player will be able to use objects such as bottles, chairs and tools as weapons and will feature exciting hand-to-hand combat with enemies for the first time..

For those who prefer stealth than brute force, nothing is being left out in "Everything or Nothing"... Bond will be able to sneak into disguises, use cover and distract guards to try and outsmart the enemy. 007 will also have the ability to rappel up or down any wall in the game, and will not be restricted with the Q-Claw like in previous gaming adventures "NightFire" and "Agent Under Fire".

Multi-Player Additions

Other new features will include two-player co-op missions, never seen in a Bond game before, and four-player multi-player arena modes which will feature many different playable characters to choose from.

"NightFire" paved some way into recreating the legendary multi-player battles of the immensely popular Rage title "GoldenEye", and "Everything or Nothing" is set to make more headway with these new features.

Mission Features

Much like the famous "GoldenEye" N64 game, "Everything or Nothing" will feature seamless transitions between missions, from on-foot exploration to controlling interactive vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, helicopters, tanks and more!

Once fans have completed the game a clever reward system is in place to unlock new enhancements such as new weapons and gadgets. Along with the Co-op and multi-player missions, "Everything or Nothing" promises to be the best Bond game yet.

The game is due out this autumn and is being developed at EA Redwood Shores where the production is currently underway.

Game Data

Title: "James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing"
Electronic Arts
EA Redwood Studios
Autumn 2003
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Gameboy Advance