Full report from 007's appearance at the E3 Expo 2003, and a web exclusive video teaser sequence of "Everything or Nothing"...

"Everything or Nothing" At E3 - Web Exclusive
31st May 2003

The E3 Expo 2003, the hottest games industry event of the year, wrapped earlier in the month and now MI6 can bring you a report from Los Angeles and a web exclusive look at the "Everything or Nothing" teaser sequence.

The 007 display on the Electronic Arts stand unfortunately took second place behind the new EA Online Sports line-up.

Nevertheless, the chance of a sneak peak at the latest Bond game created throngs of visitors, and not everyone got to see footage let alone have a demo on either the PlayStation 2, Xbox or GameCube versions that were on display.


The competition in the games market for an action-adventure spy romp looks to be crowded this year, as Konami announced "Metal Gear Solid 3", Ubi Soft revealed the next "Splinter Cell" title and SCEA put "Syphon Filter Omega" on show.

Web Exclusive Teaser Sequence Video

007Gaming.com has secured a web exclusive video of an "Everything or Nothing" teaser sequence.

The video was only on display for the lucky visitors who got up close to the EA 007 stand, but Bond gaming fans can breathe easy as 007Gaming.com has an exclusive online version of the footage.

Click here for the "Everything or Nothing" E3 teaser sequence video download page

Click here for screenshots of the teaser sequence

The one-minute teaser shows Bond meeting a date in a cocktail bar atop a glass sky scraper whilst a sniper keeps him in his sights. Much to his surprise she pulls a gun on him, but the plot thickens as a bald headed man stabs her in the back, and then goes after Bond. A swift roundhouse kick sends the goon to the floor, and 007 has to quickly assess the situation and plan his escape route.

"Bond, James Bond. I'd wager you already knew that".

An exciting new feature is revealed as the view switches from third-person and, literally, into the eye of Bond as the gamer gets to see the situation from 007's perspective. Useful objects and targets are illuminated to show the chosen path for Bond to escape, and the a slinky gunbarrel leads the action back into third-person as the planned action is played out.

In a slight nod to "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "Die Another Day", Bond descends down the building perpendicularly, attached to a wire, as he hunts down the sniper. Before reaching the ground, Bond despatches the gunman, steals his rifle, and shoots down the helicopter. All in a days work. The teaser ends with Bond adjusting his bowtie and raising his eyebrow, Roger Moore style.

Although the cut scenes are some of the best yet, work on the character models has not been completed, and Brosnan`s likeness is sure to improve. His voice samples were also missing from this trailer.

Be sure to visit www.everythingornothing.co.uk for all the latest game developments.

Video file requires the popular Divx codec.