MI6 previews the Game Boy Advance version of "Everything or Nothing" - the only new James Bond 007 adventure this year...

EoN Game Boy Advance Preview
3rd November 2003

With only a couple of weeks to go until the new Bond adventure for 2003 hits the shelves, MI6 previews what you can expect from the Game Boy Advance version of "Everything or Nothing" - due out in the USA on Friday 21st November .

As with the next-generation consoles, which will see Bond action in early 2004, Pierce Brosnan IS James Bond in the GBA version too.

It also features the return of Richard Kiel as henchman “Jaws”, John Cleese as “Q”, and Judi Dench as “M”. Plus, new cast members Willem Dafoe as Bond’s new nemesis, Nikolai Diavolo, supermodel Heidi Klum as all-new Bond girl Katya Nadanova, and singing sensation Mya Harrison as Agent Starling.


The Game Boy Advance version of "Everything or Nothing" uses the same locales, characters, and storyline, but the development team at EA have created a unique set of missions in order to take advantage of the small 2D platform.

Miniaturizing 007

Perhaps the most notable difference between the handheld game and console versions is that the Game Boy Advance game has a third person isometric perspective. Essentially, EA have taken the best of the console mechanics and adapted those to what is fun to do on GBA. Although the GBA has a tiny screen compared to the next generation consoles - only 240x160 pixels - Bond still looks good as he goes about his mission on foot and in the Aston Martin Vanquish and Porsche Cayenne

"Everything or Nothing" GBA Wallpaper A
800 x 600 - 1024x768

One example of how the game has been squeezed onto the GBA is Bond’s rappelling ability. This feature was first designed by EA's internal console team. The GBA development team then took the animations and modified them to work on the GBA with the different controller configuration.

As Bond, you can still experience the same efficient descent down the side of a building, taking out enemies, but the gameplay is more fun because it is better suited to the GBA.

Location, Location, Location

The GBA will also have Bond globe-trotting just as much. You will be dispatched to exotic international locations including a high-roller’s Cairo casino, a secret facility in New Orleans, a mountain fortress in Peru, and Moscow’s Red Square. There are also several driving missions where you must pursue the villain and their nanotechnology.

Link Up

Using the link feature turns your GBA into a Q gadget called the "Q-Transceiver" (it transmits and receives info from "MI6").

As you play through the Nintendo Gamecube game, you can receive information from "MI6" on your GBA screen. This includes messages from M and Q as well as surveillance images which are screenshots from the Gamecube version that reveal hidden information or provide hints to help you through the console game.

You can also see real time scoring statistics on the GBA screen without having to go to the Pause menu on the Gamecube.

"Everything or Nothing" for GBA will go on sale in the USA on Friday 21st November 2003.


"Everything or Nothing" GBA Wallpaper B
800 x 600 - 1024x768

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