MI6 previews the upcoming Bond game "Everything or Nothing" with a look at the plot and what to expect from Q and multi-player...

"Everything Or Nothing" October Preview
29th October 2003

As MI6 revealed back in August, "Everything or Nothing" will feature a new mission structure, 4 main 'acts' each containing different missions and locations. The game will boast an impressive 10 driving mission and 14 3rd person missions, each set throughout the four acts. MI6 can bring you the full lowdown on what to expect:

Act 1 - Egypt

The game begins by Bond infiltrating the Nanotech facility in Egypt, discovering Willem Dafoe's character; Nikolai Diavolo is plotting world domination. Bond chases after him by abseiling down the side of a burning Nanotech facility. After a cut scene we find Bond on a train surrounded by goons, his mission to make his is way to the end of the carriage where Jaws is waiting. Bond defeats Jaws by pushing him into an electricity panel.

As the train hurtles towards a cliff, Bond gets on a helicopter and rescues Heidi Klum's character, Katya Nadanova, who has the Nano technology blueprints. In Egypt, Bond chases after Diavalo in the helicopter, who had previously escaped the Nanotech facility. At this point, we see a turning point in the plot, as Heidi Klum's character double crosses Bond, and is actually working for Dialovo.


Bond returns to a Q-lab between certain missions, where a `CyberScanned` John Cleese likeness shows you your new toys and upgrades. Other cut scenes link the missions together in a movie like fashion, while also hiding level loading times, giving the impression of continuous gameplay.

Act 2 - New Orleans

Bond attempts to get inside a Jazz Club in New Orleans, but the main door is shut, so uses the Q Rappel to climb into an open window. He ducks and weaves through corridors stealthily, taking out goons while preventing setting off the alarm.

In true Bond style, he stops by one of the side rooms to glean some information off a lady waiting for a massage. Bond makes his way to the main hall where he gets himself into a gunfight involving many goons. He then meets up with Mya's NSA character, who we go on to see getting kidnapped in a cutscene.

The climax of the New Orleans act features an impressive hovercraft chase, inspired by the teaser sequence from "Die Another Day".

The Need For Speed

EA Vancouver are working on this years driving aspects, using a modded 'Need for Speed' engine. An example of one of the driving missions, Bond chases Jaws, who is driving a truck containing Nanotech cargo, on the freeway on his Daytona 600. When Bond hits 180mph, you get a "Burn Out" style blur effect to simulate the speed. Bond will also be capable of doing some cool moves on the bikes, such as wheelies and Endo's.

The helicopter has rockets and machine guns fired by the controller shoulder buttons, while the Porsche Cayenne has sun-roof mounted pop-up rockets like the BMW from Tomorrow Never Dies.

Q's Lab

Bond will be able to use a `Nano Tux` in the Jazz Club mission in New Orleans, rendering him invisible to most guards, similar to the graphic effect in "Predator". Also, a new major feature in Everything or Nothing, will be the limitation of only being able to carry two guns at one time. This shows EA's focus on a more realistic Bond game, and emphasis on the stealth aspects.

Also big on EA's features list are the multiplayer and co-op modes in Everything or Nothing. We'll see the return of the arena mode from NightFire, this time with more old faces such as Odd job, Baron Samedi and Bambi & Thumper. A new feature to the Bond multiplayer experience is the inclusion of Jaws, who will act as a 'referee' in the matches. Controllable traps and gun-turrets will also return from NightFire, hopefully with a larger range of options.

Stay tuned to MI6 for more exclusive updates on Everything or Nothing.

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