"24" composer Sean Callery will be scoring "Everything or Nothing"...

Sean Callery To Score EoN
15th August 2003

Following this week's news that Mya will be singing the "Everything or Nothing" title song - as well as making an appearance as an NSA agent - MI6 can reveal more exciting developments with the game music.

Hit television series "24" composer Sean Callery will be scoring "Everything or Nothing".

He received an Emmy Award nomination last year for his work on the series where agent Jack Bauer has the worst day of his life fighting terrorist plots. ASCAP Playback Magazine quizzed him on what it was like to score the biggest show of 2002.

Right: Sean Callery


"Each hour is completely different in terms of style and texture. Some shows are more thematic and epic while others are more moody and ambient. The one common thread that binds all of the episodes together is the relentless story lines of suspense and tension. The challenge for me has been to evolve sonically as the story evolves with the characters. Thankfully, the producers encourage me to explore many different styles. For example, in season one, the first six episodes were from midnight to 6:00 a.m. It was only at the end of the sixth show that I saw the characters as well as the city in the daylight. Everyone is exhausted, but the city is now busier. This produced a whole bunch of different opportunities musically and stylistically which presented itself as the show changed each week."

His other career highlights include the feature film "Blow Back", TV series "Freedom" and "La Femme Nikita" along with album work for several well known recording artists.

"Everything or Nothing" will be Callery's first video game, and his involvement it is yet another indication that EA have pulled all the stops out to secure top talent for Bond's latest gaming adventure.

Callery lists John Williams, Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Igor Stravinsky, Bela Bart�k, Sergei Prokofiev, Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel as his music influences. So now John Barry? We could be in for a very different, grittier, sound track for the new Bond game due out this November.