MI6 looks ahead to the next James Bond based game "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent"...

GoldenEye Rogue Agent - May Preview
17th May 2004

Building on the success of "Everything or Nothing"s Multiplayer mode on the PlayStation 2, "GoldenEye Rogue Agent" will feature as one of EA’s first games to be supported by Microsoft X-Box Live, allowing online multiplayer support for at least eight players and access to voice communication, tournaments and more.

Last year's E3 saw the official launch of EA’s return to the Bond universe in the form of “Everything or Nothing”.

With strong sales and a overall positive vibe, EA have taken a brave step in the Bond universe a put a twist on the latest game `GoldenEye 2` aka "GoldenEye : Rogue Agent", which will be available on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

Right: Auric Goldfinger CG artwork



A first player single level demo of Fort Knox, Operation Grandslam was available ending with a battle against Odd Job, as well a multiplayer level featured in the climax of Moonraker the space shuttle launch facility, to attendees of E3 allowing a glimpse of what is to come with this Fall's release.

With the twist of playing a villain, the game enables players to use enemies as human shields and die in creative ways.

In the multiplayer level this was demonstrated through the use of a cargo train, which ran through a group of guards.

Left: Dr. No CG artwork

The influence of the 1997 game "GoldenEye 64" can be seen in the core of the game, through the use of independent dual weapon control. The team have created unique ways in which to dispatch foes in the simplest manner, such as stepping on the hand of someone who is hanging on to a ledge.

The single player levels are graded on player callous, which in turn enables you to increase your evil abilities.

The artificial intelligence, engine E.V.I.L (Emotion, Visceral, Intelligence, Learn), has been in development for over a year. The engine is designed to understand and interpret player styles allowing the AI to create more of a challenge.

The game allows the player to make intelligent use and fully interact with the gaming environment. Materials within the game provide varying levels of cover and distortion, solid objects that can be destroyed by weapons fire, frosted glass and heat blurs created by walls of fire.

The LA based team are aiming to incorporate four-way gameplay on to all three platforms, and online play on PS2 and X-Box.


Bond Talent
Sir Ken Adam – Set Design
Kym Barrett – Costumes
Paul Oakenfold - Music
Rene Morrel - Visual FX

Pussy Galore
Xenia Onatopp
Dr. No

Hong Kong
Dr. No's Island Lair
Fort Knox


With a Fall 2004 release date set, based on the preview missions available at E3, the game play still needs to be refined in both the single and multiplayer modes.

Left: The level opens with 007 falling from a railing, landing a below you, and then being crushed by a helicopter.

The end of the first mission reviews that It was a VR training section. Dame Judi Dench playing "M", then explains that MI6 does not need your type of brutal agent.

Images courtesy EA Games.

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