MI6 searches for the ultimate Bond Girl by analysing all of 007's conquests over the 20 adventures so far...

Part 1 - Does Bond prefer blondes or brunettes?

Ultimate Bond Girl - Part 1
26th March 2003

"Men prefer blondes - but marry brunettes", but does Bond subscribe to this mythology?

The MI6 search for the ultimate Bond girl begins with the big question - does Bond prefer blondes or brunettes?

Qualification for the analysis is ruled by one simple premise - Bond must have had his wicked way with the lady to be included in the survey.

Right: The original, and some argue still the best, Bond girl Ursula Andress who played Honey Ryder in Dr. No.


Of all the multi-film Bond's, Sean Connery's era had the smallest proportion of brunettes - only 50% of the total girls. Connery's 007 took quite a fancy to auburn Bond girls clocking up an impressive one in five.

Connery Era
Brunette 50%
Blonde 29%
Auburn 21%

George Lazenby proves to be an exception to the series trend yet again, the statistics obviously skewed by only appearing once. Both his conquests in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" were auburn - his wife Tracy Bond and the Piz Gloria patient Ruby Bartlett.

Above: 007's ill fated wife Tracy Bond, played by Diana Rigg in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

Roger Moore's era plays quite true to the overall series trend, although his 007 fails to bed any redheaded beauties in his line of service.

Moore Era
Brunette 65%
Blonde 35%
Auburn 0%

Timothy Dalton's monogamous 007 in "The Living Daylights" stunts his statistics, but thanks to his two conquests in "Licence To Kill" he totals 66% brunette and 33% blonde.

Right: Often the most popular Bond girl of the Roger Moore era - Anya Amasova played by Barbara Bach in "The Spy Who Loved Me" - is in the brunette set which overwhelm the series.



Of all the bond actors, Pierce Brosnan's era is closest to the overall trend from the last 40 years. Averaging 2.5 girls per film, brunettes are clearly the preference with an amazing 70%. Statistics point to three girls in Bond 21 - a brunette, a blonde and a redhead.

Brosnan Era
Brunette 70%
Blonde 20%
Auburn 10%

Left: Izabella Scorupco, who played Natalya Simonva in "GoldenEye", has changed her hair colour on many occasions since the film - most recently to peroxide blonde.

Series Averages ("Dr. No" to "Die Another Day")
Brunette 59%
Blonde 28%
Auburn 13%

007 clearly disagrees with the popular saying and prefers brunettes.

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Bond Girl Roll Call

Bond Girl Film Blonde / Brunette / Auburn
Jinx Die Another Day Brunette
Miranda Frost Die Another Day Blonde
Dr. Christmas Jones The World Is Not Enough Brunette
Elektra King The World Is Not Enough Brunette
Dr. Molly Warmflash The World Is Not Enough Brunette
Wai Lin Tomorrow Never Dies Brunette
Paris Carver Tomorrow Never Dies Brunette
Prof. Inga Bergstrom Tomorrow Never Dies Blonde
Natalya Simonova GoldenEye Auburn
Xenia Onatopp GoldenEye Brunette
Pam Bouvier Licence To Kill Brunette
Lupe Lamora Licence To Kill Brunette
Kara Milovy The Living Daylights Blonde
Stacey Sutton A View To A Kill Blonde
Mayday A View To A Kill Brunette
Pola Ivanova A View To A Kill Blonde
Octopussy Octopussy Brunette
Magda Octopussy Blonde
Melina Havelock For Your Eyes Only Brunette
Countess Lisl For Your Eyes Only Blonde
Holly Goodhead Moonraker Brunette
Corrine Dufour Moonraker Brunette
Manuela Moonraker Brunette
Anya Amasova The Spy Who Loved Me Brunette
The Log Cabin Girl The Spy Who Loved Me Blonde
Mary Goodnight The Man With The Golden Gun Blonde
Andrea Anders The Man With The Golden Gun Brunette
Solitaire Live And Let Die Brunette
Miss Caruthers Live And Let Die Brunette
Rosie Carver Live And Let Die Brunette
Tiffany Case Diamonds Are Forever Auburn
Plenty O'Toole Diamonds Are Forever Brunette
Tracy Draco/Bond On Her Majesty's Secret Service Auburn
Ruby Bartlett On Her Majesty's Secret Service Auburn
Kissy Suzuki You Only Live Twice Brunette
Aki You Only Live Twice Brunette
Helga Brandt You Only Live Twice Auburn
Domino Derval Thunderball Brunette
Fiona Volpe Thunderball Auburn
Patricia Fearing Thunderball Blonde
Jill Masterson Goldfinger Blonde
Pussy Galore Goldfinger Blonde
Tatiana Romanova From Russia With Love Brunette
Sylvia Trench Dr. No / From Russia With Love Brunette
Honey Ryder Dr. No Blonde
Miss Taro Dr. No Brunette