Just a few months before it opened worldwide, the media were prepped for Timothy Dalton's debut adventure as James Bond...

Preparing for Dalton's Debut
15th March 2012

"New Bond is a 1980s Man" - May 25th, 1987
The latest incarnation of James Bond will reflect the sensitivity of the '80s male, says Welsh actor Timothy Dalton. "If you go back to the books themselves, you're dealing with a real man, not a superman, a man who is beset with moral confusion and apathies and uncertainties and who is often very nervous and tense," said Dalton in an interview in the June issue of Gentleman's Quarterly magazine. "The way I'm approaching my work is when Bond gets hurt, you'll feel he's genuinely hurt."

John Glen, who is directing Dalton in "The Living Daylights," said Bond will get an external change as well. "In the past we've always dressed Bond immaculately. No matter how rough and tumble things go, he always came out with his hair combed and his tie tied," said Glen. But this time, "he's not such a pretty boy."

James Bond's Latest Girlfriend Takes Acting Seriously (May 1st, 1987)
"I take my acting very seriously," Maryam D'Abo says. "I didn't come into this world just to be a pretty face." The 26-year old daughter of a Russian mother and a father of English and Dutch extraction, D'Abo runs a hand through her thick blonde hair as she emphasizes her dedication to acting. "I don't take myself seriously, but acting - that is another matter."

She went to a speech center to learn how to speak with a Czechoslovak accent for the film. "I wanted just a mild accent, so I had only four lessons," she explains. "And I took cello every day. Bond films may be loaded with spectacular stunts - you will see me traveling down a mountainside with Timothy on a runaway sled - but I am an extremely intelligent woman in this film."

She turned up for her audition for the role wearing a two-layer skirt, an outfit she considered "sexy and casual." "The film director, John Glen, asked me if I was wearing a tablecloth," she says with a hearty laugh. "The film people rang me after a few days and said, 'guess what, you have the main role.'"

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