Exclusive Interview - No knife, no shells, but we're still looking.

MI6 guest writer James Breeden infiltrates BBC headquarters in London to glean an exclusive behind the scenes interview with small screen star Holly Valance on life after Neighbours and dreams of the silver screen. 007 had better watch out...

Down Under With Holly Valance - Exclusive Interview
27th October 2001

An early start at 5:00am was needed to beat the hordes to BBC television centre and the brand new Saturday Show - a star studded line up was assured.

A couple of hours later, one brand new ID pass from a more than helpful secretary, and I'm in the corridor of the star's dressing rooms. She was coming to the end of a non-stop hectic week of publicity in the UK, dashing from one TV station to the next, so this was the last opportunity I would have to interview the star of Australia's most successful export. A very welcoming smile opens a door and the interview begins.

I ask Holly about her career aims after leaving the enormously popular soap Neighbours, and thoughts turn to silver screen...

"I would love to be a Bond girl, I'd have a ball"



So what kind of Bond girl could she see herself in a few years to come? The infamous curse where the actress disappears into the wilderness shortly afterwards must have been in the forefront of her thoughts...

"I'd want to be evil, evil, evil throughout"

So watch out Elektra King fans - Holly Valance could be one of the next generation of femme-fatale super bitches in the fight against 007. But not wanting to put any potential fans offside on the Connery or Brosnan debate: "I don't have a favourite movie".

007 had better keep his wits about him, as the first all Australian Bond girl might be more trouble than he can possibly imagine...

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