Last month MI6 had a quick chat with the gorgeous Model, Actress and Writer, Daphne Deckers about her role as a Carver's publicist in "Tomorrow Never Dies" and more...

Interview - Daphne Deckers
2nd January 2004

Last month MI6 had a quick chat with the gorgeous Model, Actress and Writer, Daphne Deckers about her role as a Carver's publicist in "Tomorrow Never Dies" and more...

A Model Start...

What was your first modelling assignment?
Oh, that must be about a hundred years ago. Well, it feels like a hundred years ago. I started modelling in 1987 while I was in my first year of University. I was booked for a very well-paid shampoo-campaign on the tropical island Martinique. Quite an experience for a poor student who could only afford to eat macaroni with ketchup!


What was your first acting role?
I played the part of Monique in the 1993 American NBC miniseries 'Remember', a Barbara Taylor Bradford-book.

At the casting I had lied that I could ride a motorbike. They were horrified when it turned out that I couldn't. I ruined a complete scene with a huge blow up and police cars crashing because I couldn't get my bike to start. But my reviews were good, haha!

What lead you from Modelling to Acting?
I don't really consider myself an actress. I did some movies and some television series, but nowadays I don't act anymore. I'm a writer.

I've written six books and I'm happy that they sell very, very well in the Netherlands. I also write columns and television-comedies.

Left: Daphne Deckers, Wilberto van den Boogaard, Amsterdam.

Is there a particular Actor/Actress who has inspired you?
I love comedy. I love Meg Ryan, Renee Zellweger and Debra Messing. I acted in a Dutch comedy as well, but I'm happier now that I write them instead of acting in them. There are hundreds of actresses who can do a better job than me, but there are not too many female comedy writers.

Wimbledon 1996

How long did you have to wait for your break as an actress?
Not very long. As a model and a TV-host in the Netherlands, I got asked a lot to play parts.

I got my part in James Bond "Tomorrow Never Dies" in the weirdest way. My husband Richard Krajicek won Wimbledon in 1996 and the James Bond production company saw me in the audience and asked me to audition. When I actually landed a role I was completely stunned.

How many days of shooting were you on set for?
I was on the James Bond-set for seven days. I wrote a piece about my experiences for the book "The Woman of James Bond", called 'My seven days with 007'. You can also read it on my website, where I also have some pictures of the James Bond-set.


Day 5

"...of course the tight band around my waist, holding the microphone battery. Michelle had hers wrapped around her upper-leg. But the tiny microphone itself proved to be another problem. Pierce had his hidden in his bowtie. Mine landed, ahem, between my breasts. The things you do for art...
- 'My seven days with 007' by Daphne Deckers

Where were your scenes shot?
We filmed at night in a glass office building and during the day on the "Tomorrow Never Dies" set in Frogmoore, UK. That set was wild. Plastic guns, wooden rockets and grenades, the interior of a submarine, a Thai village, a media room - they had everything right there.


What were your impressions of life on a Bond set? How was it different to other work you have done?
A Bond-film is of course much bigger than a Dutch film. Hundreds of extra's, all in eveningwear and tuxedo's, huge catering, big cranes, lots of crew. But what surprised me most is how nice the stars were. Pierce Brosnan was the nicest man. So was Jonathan Pryce. I thought that they would just ignore me for playing such a small part, but they were very, very friendly and chatty.


Were any of your scenes cut from the final film? If so can you talk us through what was cut?
On the set there were already two scenes dropped. They were not really necessary and being cramped for time already, they weren't even shot. From the four scenes I had left, they had cut some lines but I didn't know until the première. They just don't tell you. So at the première I was sitting next to a very nice Australian actress who had been cut almost completely out of the movie. They didn't tell her, either. I thought that was very embarrassing. But I was happy most of my material was still in there. My part of 'PR lady' was very small, but I enjoyed it very much. Hey - I would have swept floors to be in a Bond-movie!.

After appearing as a Bond girl what opportunity resulted for you exposure?
The production-company asked me to attend the premières of Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Oslo. That was very funny, because most of the journalist were asking me: "Uhm.. just who are you?" But I got the opportunity to spend time with Desmond Llewellyn, he was such a lovely, upbeat and funny man. I was very sad to hear of his fatal car accident. After the première, I got offered lots of auditions in Los Angeles, even for a big part in the movie 'Fifteen Minutes' with Robert De Niro. But I had to be honest: my heart wasn't in acting. I loved the small parts, just for the fun of it, but moving to LA, taking acting classes, selling myself in endless auditions… no thanks. I had two beautiful children instead, Emma and Alec. I've hosted Dutch TV-shows and I've written books. That's more my thing. I did a James Bond-pictorial for the American Playboy though. I thought it was a hoot to make the cover of American Playboy. It sold to Playboy-editions in eight countries! They even made playing cards out of it. The pictures were actually quite modest. I got to pick them myself. Hugh Hefner invited my for a James Bond-party in his Playboy Mansion - now that would have been hilarious. But when they found out I was 8 months pregnant, they uninvited me, haha!

What's coming up next for you?
I'm writing a comedy on 'footballer's wives' and I just translated an American play, 'the Momologues'. So my next role will be the same: author!

00-Seven Questions

How were you involved in the Bond series?
I saw all the Bond-movies since I was allowed to see them. Bond-girls are just so glamorous. I think they try a little too hard to make them intelligent nowadays. Why must they all be 'rocket scientists'- but in miniskirts of course? Who cares? It's all fun anyway.

What was your first ever Bond experience?
I think it was the one with Grace Jones - "A View To A Kill"..

What did you think of the last film, "Die Another Day"?
Hmm. I loved Halle Berry, she is just so sexy. But all the sexual innuendo in the dialogue was way too much. It was getting on my nerves! They totally overdid it.

What is your favourite Bond film?
Tomorrow Never Dies!

Who is your favourite Bond?
Pierce. He's got it all. When he 'retires', I would vote for Colin Farell.

Which Bond girl should come back?
Grace Jones. She's wacko. Fierce woman.

What is your favourite Bond moment from the series?
Ursula Andress in bikini. Need I say more?

Many thanks to Daphne Deckers.


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