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Last Words - General Orlov

8th June 2013

Yes, but tomorrow, I shall be a hero of the Soviet Union.

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Teaming up with the suave exiled prince Kamal Kahn, General Orlov forges a plan to use the Octopussy circus and its illicit smuggling operation to plant a bomb in the midst of the US Airforce base in West Germany - triggering the nuclear device and making it seem an accident.

Orlov: "The West is decadent and divided. It has no stomach to risk our atomic reprisals."

007 sets off for Karl Marxstadt in East Germany where Octopussy's circus has set up camp. He spots Khan and Orlov in the circus audience and, disguised as one of the circus crew, sets off after them.

Meanwhile, back in Moscow, General Gogol has begun to uncover Orlov's plot. Bond sneaks aboard the circus train and tries to find a way to disarm the hidden nuclear bomb. There, he confronts Orlov who reveals his insane plans: once the bomb has been detonated, he believes that NATO will panic and demand unilateral disarmament of US weapons in Europe, leaving the way clear for his own invasion forces. A fight breaks out and Bond is forced to flee. He doesn't give up, however, and pursues the train aboard a stolen car which even takes to the tracks in a effort to keep up.

Bond: "And I suppose it doesn't matter a damn to you that thousands of innocent people will be killed in this little 'accident' of yours?"
Orlov: "Better than letting a handful of old men in Moscow bargain away our advantage in disarmament talks!"


General Gogol is now hot on Orlov's trail and has tracked the whereabouts of his car whilst Bond has escaped detection at the border check point by hiding in a gorilla costume. Gogol catches up with Orlov and, in a panic to keep his smuggled jewellery a secret, Orlov pits himself against the Checkpoint Charlie guards to a nasty outcome. Orlov is shot and killed in his attempt to cross the border without the correct procedures.

General Gogol: "A common thief. A disgrace to the uniform!"
Orlov: "Yes, but tomorrow, I shall be a hero of the Soviet Union."

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