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More Unseen Ian Fleming

7th December 2016

Anthony Horowitz has revealed there is even more unpublished James Bond material to come

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Author Anthony Horowitz was interviewed by BBC Five Live radio this week to promote his latest project 'Magpie Murders' and to talk about the future of James Bond and his own creation Alex Rider.

Horowitz is the first James Bond continuation author to come back for a second adventure since Ian Fleming Publications rebooted the literary estate in 2008 that has seen four books by four different authors.

"It's no reflection on the other writers, it's just that I think they felt that constantly reinventing themselves with new authors wasn't the best way to go and therefore it would be more sensible for me to do a second one and keep a certain continuity in there. I was excited and felt incredibly proud that they came back to me. 'Trigger Mortis' had worked very well and the fans had gone with it."

Back in October, Horowitz was confirmed by Ian Fleming Publications to pen a follow-up to 'Trigger Mortis'.

"I'm going to write it next year and it'll be out the year after (2018). I've sort of got a plot. I haven't got a title yet. I've got a killer first line, which I can't tell you, but it's the only reason I want to write the book really. When it came to me I just knew it had to appear and therefore I had to write the book to go with it."

Anothony Horowitz : James Bond

Once again Horowitz's book will be based in the 1960s and will feature previously unpublished material by Ian Fleming. Horowitz revealed in the interview that there is even more original unseen Fleming content that was recently discovered.

"Ian Fleming had written five story outlines for a television series that was never made. It was never made because the film rights were sold and the films were so huge there was, of course, no need for a TV series. Fleming himself used some of these stories he had outlined in the 'For Your Eyes Only' collection of short stories. But there were five others that were discovered quite recently in a 'bottom drawer,' one of which was to do with motor racing which is what I used for 'Trigger Mortis'. There are four more, and I'm going to use one of them, I haven't decided which yet, as an opening chapter or second chapter in the new book."

"For me, as an Ian Fleming freak and a huge fan of James Bond, there is nothing more exciting than to read something that nobody else in the world has read. I was at the British Library when I read the original manuscript for a short story called 'Trigger Finger' which gave me half the title of my own book. To have something that came out of his typewriter with his handwriting on it, for me, that's incredibly exciting."

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