Read an exclusive extract of the 'lost' James Bond conintuation novel "Per Fine Ounce" by Geoffrey Jenkins...

Per Fine Ounce - Exclusive Extract

26th January 2010

After Ian Fleming passed away, Glidrose Productions (now 'Ian Fleming Publications') planned a series of James Bond continuation novels by several authors to be published under the pseudonym of Robert Markham. Celebrated South African novelist Geoffrey Jenkins was commissioned to pen an original 007 novel by Glidrose in 1966.

Jenkins claimed that he and Fleming together developed a diamond-smuggling storyline in 1957, which he finished for Glidrose entitled "Per Fine Ounce", but it was rejected for publication. Kingsley Amis became the first official continuation author with "Colonel Sun" in 1968.

"Per Fine Ounce" is believed lost, except for 18 pages now in the hands of Jenkins' son David. Jenkins' literary agent Ronald Payne has graciously given MI6 readers the chance to read two pages from the remaining manuscript:

"Per Fine Ounce" extract exclusively reproduced courtesy of Ronald Payne, agent for the Geoffrey Jenkins Estate. Not to be reproduced or transcribed.

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