MI6 digs up one of 007's in-the-field postcards to the Chief of Staff Bill Tanner whilst on the From A View To A Kill mission...

Postcards From Bond - Paris
4th March 2010

The first short story found in "For Your Eyes Only" sees James Bond in France where motorcycle messenger carrying top secret documents has been attacked en route to the MI6 headquarters in Paris. Bond stands in as a biker to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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Above: Never-before-seen postcards from the MI6 archives - postmarked Paris 1958...

"From A View To A Kill" sees Bond investigating the murder of a motorcycle dispatch-rider, and the theft of his top-secret documents, by a motorcycle assassin, en route from SHAPE (central command of NATO in Europe, then located in Versailles) to his base, Station F, in Saint-Germain, France. Since Bond is already in Paris, M sends Bond to assist in the investigation in any way he can. To unravel the mystery, Bond disguises himself as a dispatch-rider and follows the same journey as the previous rider to Station F. As expected, the assassin attempts to kill Bond. Bond, however, is ready and ends up killing the assassin. He then uncovers the assassin's hidden base of operations.

Fleming initially intended this to be the backstory for Hugo Drax, the villain of "Moonraker". The similar story would have taken place during World War II and featured Drax as the motorcycle assassin who crashes his bike and is taken to an American field hospital. Later the hospital is bombed leaving Drax with amnesia and a disfigured face.

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Paris, France

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