MI6 previews Paul Michael Kane`s new book that looks at the expanded literary James Bond canon, from Fleming to Benson..

007 Literary Dossier - Preview
8th February 2006

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His word is his Bond . . . James Bond. In 1953, Ian Fleming, a retired British Intelligence officer and former journalist, created a character that would transcend time and work his way into the imagination of readers the world over. Even after the author's passing, James Bond lives on in various continuation novels. This book summarizes each title from Fleming's first entry, Casino Royale through 32 original novels, ending with Raymond Benson's 2002 contribution, The Man with the Red Tattoo. Sit back, pour yourself a medium dry martini and enjoy a look into the world of Bond . . . James Bond.

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About the Author
Paul Michael Kane has been a life-long fan of James Bond, 007 - both the literary incarnation and the film version. Kane is the writer of the comic book, The Perfect Victim, with artist Chris Ring, and the upcoming The Forgiven, his first full length novel. Kane is also the president of PMK's Imagination, specializing in a variety of multimedia projects, including the very book you hold in your hands.

Like many people, my first introduction to James Bond was a cinematic one - sitting in a darkened theater watching as Roger Moore scale this huge mountain in St. Cyril to retrieve an ATAC encoder. It was only after I picked up what I thought would be just another novelization of For Your Eyes Only that I discovered a whole other side of 007 - the literary side created by Ian Fleming. Fleming's Bond is almost unrecognizable when compared to his movie counterpart. Sure, some of the gadgets are there, but the character himself is much more complex then the one portrayed on the screen. With over 35 original novels, a few spin-offs and series of 'younger' adventures in production, the character has evolved, having been plucked up from one era and dropped into another. What follows in these pages are summaries of the original Fleming novels, as well as the continuation stories by authors Kingsley Amis, John Gardner and Raymond Benson. Each book has a special place on my shelves and I hope that each summary sparks enough interest in you to pick up any one of these books and delve into the world of girls, gadgets and Bond . . . James Bond!

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Soft cover 32 pages
Limited print of 250
Each book is signed
Released: February 24th, 2006
Publisher: PMK's Imagination


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