MI6 previews "Secret Servant", the second book in the Miss Moneypenny Diaries series by author Samantha Weinberg...

Secret Servant - Preview
5th September 2006

Secret Servant (The Moneypenny Diaries) - Kate Westbrook
The Secret Life of James Bond's Right Hand Woman

Miss Moneypenny projects a cool, calm and collected image, the personification of chic sophistication and unflappable poise. She handles her cohort of 00 agents with good-humoured grace. She is professional and precise yet there is always the feeling that there is more to Jane than meets the eye.

Indeed, it is time to move over James Bond! For now one of our sassiest and sexiest female icons, has been given a far larger role of her own. Jane is equally daring and dastardly, as this second book in The Moneypenny Diaries series reveals.

Plots continue to thicken against the backdrop of the Cold War. Bond has been brainwashed by the KGB and only one woman can save him. To complicate things, is Moneypenny about to discover that her father was indeed murdered? And is she about to fall victim to murder herself?

All will be revealed in her truly explosive private diary.

Secret Servant will be published in the same month as the release of the new Bond movie, Casino Royale. But whereas for the first time ever the film will not feature Moneypenny, Secret Servant will reinforce just why she is so crucial to the Bond myth.

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Official Blurb
From saving spies to private passions, this book covers the secret adventures of James Bond's right-hand woman. Jane Moneypenny may project a cool, calm and collected image but her secret diaries reveal a rather different story. In the grip of an uncertain love affair and haunted by a dark family secret, the last thing she needs is a crisis at work. But the Secret Intelligence Service is in chaos. One senior officer is on trial for treason, another has defected to Moscow and her beloved James Bond has been brainwashed by the KGB. Only a woman's touch can save them. Moneypenny soon finds herself embroiled in a highly-charged adventure infused with the glamour of the Cold War espionage game. Alone on a dangerous Russian mission she turns, with breathless intimacy, to writing a truly explosive private diary.

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Title: Secret Servant
Author: Kate Westbrook
Publisher: John Murray
Released: 2nd November 2006 (UK)
R.R.P: £16.99 (UK)
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
ISBN: 071956767X

  About The Author
Kate Westbrook is the pseudonym for Samantha Weinberg, frustrated spy and author of the best-selling A Fish Caught in Time – the Search for the Coelacanth, and Pointing From the Grave, which won the CWA Gold Dagger for Non-fiction.