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Letter To Paris

4th November 2018

Tomorrow Never Dies had another unused song, this time in the 1999 video game adaptation

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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The 'Tomorrow Never Dies' videogame had the misfortune of both following the record-breaking sales and critical hit 'GoldenEye 007' (which came out in 1997 for the Nintendo 64) and developing for the new PlayStation platform with none of the previous expertise as EA had took over the license. Released two years after the film, the game has become somewhat lost in the midst of time compared to other 007 digital adventures.

Tomorrow Never Dies Videogame Official Soundtrack OST

One of the curiosities of the game is the second theme song. Referenced as 'Tomorrow Never Dies II' in the game's opening music credits, the track was officially titled 'Letter To Paris' in the videogame soundtrack. The song is never heard in the game (although code exists for it) and only features in the OST as bonus hidden track. Written by the game's composer Tommy Tallarico and performed by Elaine Paiva, the track runs for 2:47 and is one of the rarest Bond songs.

'Letter To Paris'

"Letter To Paris" written by Tommy Tallarico
Vocals: Elaine Paiva
Lead Guitar: Mike Hamilton
Bass & Acoustic Guitar: Joe McLaughlin
Piano, Orchestra & Drums: Tommy Tallarico

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