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0096: Nearly Civilized

3rd July 2021

How did 20-year-old games succeed in capturing the essence of Bond?

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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How did the two games Agent Under Fire and NightFire succeed in capturing the essence of Bond? 

In this episode, we revisit two of the best-loved James Bond games ever as they come up on 20 years since release. We uncover some strange development history and explore the overlap between the two games that were released in the shadow of GoldenEye but still found a huge audience away from the spotlight of Halo. Along the way, we discover jiggly boobs, a Neighbours connection, how the Moonraker novel was adapted twice the same year, and find the most obscure James Bond Jr reference.  As mentioned in the podcast, the online PC NightFire community is alive and well at nightfirepc.com, and the recommended PS2 emulator to play both games can be downloaded from pcsx2.net

The recording took place on June 17th, 2021 in the USA and UK. 

James Page is co-founder of MI6-HQ.com and the magazine MI6 Confidential 

Kim Justice makes documentaries about old computer and video games, mostly with a European slant, at youtube.com/KimbleJustice 

Calvin Dyson Reviews Bond channel can be enjoyed at youtube.com/calvindyson 

Sean Longmore shares his artwork @ThatTallGinger 

This podcast is copyright Pretitles LLC © 2021

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