MI6 continues to look at "Tomorrow Never Dies" this week, with a list of errors and omissions that made the final cut of the film...

Tomorrow Never Dies Mistakes
13th December 2003

After the Chinese MiG's fly over the HMS Devonshire an alarm sounds and all the sailors are seen leaving the mess hall and going to their battle stations - yet a few shots later when the drill hits the ship sailors are present back in the mess hall.

Above: L-39 Fenix

As Bond knocks out the pilot in the opening scene, the co- pilot's body disappears in the following scene.

Most Military aircraft can't arm their weapons when their landing gear is down, so how did Bond fire missiles and other weapons on the aircraft?

If the HMS Devonshire were 17 miles off the coast of China's main land it would have appeared on the radar screen, thus proving that the satellite position was incorrect.

When in the motorcade with M the separator panel which Miss Moneypenny lowers to hand papers to Bond, it is clearly seen up in the exterior shot of the car, but when cutting back into the car the separator is lowered.

The BMW driven in is in fact a 750i V12 not a 740i V8 as quoted by Q.

When Bond drives the BMW via the phone for the first time a figure is visible for a very short time on the driver's side. Also you can see small black spots on the wing mirrors, which were the video cameras that enable the specialist driver to see where they were going.

When discussing the location of Bond's gun when he sleeps, he is clearly seen looking at Paris Carver, however on the replay on Gupta's monitor Bond is seen to be staring down in to the crowd and not at Paris.

The level of vodka in Bonds glass in his hotel room fluctuates without him drinking from the glass after he fills it the second time.

When fighting a goon on the moving platform in Carver's newspaper factory, the crash mat can be seen when the goon is thrown over the railing and thus not the cause of the bloody mess, which is seen.

After discovering a dead Paris, the videocassette removed by Dr. Kaufmann is fully rewound, and thus could not have been played.

When explaining how to open his car to Dr. Kaufmann, there is no "Recall" button on that model of the phone used.

When Bond shoots Dr. Kaufmann you can clearly see the spent bullet cartridge hitting Brosnan squarely on the forehead.

The chase scene in the Atlantis Hotel car park shows the BMW having a solid metal sunroof, however when the car is launched off the top floor and flies into the Avis rental shop the BMW has a glass roof.

When Bond re-inflates his Q-ified BMW tires they change from a sport tread to a standard one.

When arriving at the airbase located in Asia, the F-15E fighter aircraft have "RAF Lakenheath, England" detailing on their tails.

When jumping out of the plane Bond is wearing a skin suit and parachute and a small air tank on each side. When he lands in the water he has a single tank and no parachute.

When captured Bond's blue shirt is buttoned up about ¾, but whilst escaping down the banner it's buttoned up one more notch.

When making the HALO jump Bond's oxygen mask disappears for two shots when having the details of the HALO jump explained. Also if the aircraft was truly that high, all members of the crew should be wearing oxygen masks, or the aircraft should be pressurized. The crew of the aircraft should all suffocate or be blown out.

The HMS Devonshire is a Duke Class Frigate and fires Cruise Missiles from fixed tubes. The tubes shown are for Harpoon missiles only and can't be reloaded. Therefore nothing shown in the missile room is used by the British navy in the story's context.

Above: A Duke Class Frigate

When Bond and Wai Lin are talking to Carver before escaping from Stamper, the last line Carver says has been looped, as his month does not move.

When escaping on the BMW motorcycle it is not until the following scene in which they figure out how to drive the bike together.


A helicopter can't perform the chase move, which is performed by the helicopter as it defeats the aerodynamics of the blades. The helicopter could only perform something similar when accelerating at a very high speed.

When sliding under the helicopter's rotors, Bond and Wai Lin's left legs would have rubbed the ground and shredded their clothes.

If you watch the crew of the helicopter through out the chase you will notice they change.

When the helicopter is about to crash into the Saigon St. the crew is made up of very poor looking dummies. Also as the helicopter crashes the wall bends, and once smashed daylight is clearly seen behind the explosion.

When Wai Lin ditches Bond in the shower scene, you can see that the handcuffs don't close around the pipe, but it sounds as if they do. The following scene shows both characters with dry hair and clothes.

Left: Michelle Yeoh

The stealth ship just like Dr. Who's Tardis looks small outside in comparison to the Bond and Wai Lin's raft, but is massive inside.

In the final gunfight on the stealth ship Bond's silenced pistol is clearly heard un-silenced.

How did Stamper tie Wai Lin up with a chain, without making a sound or have her struggle? Also when the stealth ship is blown up the chain holding her does not move or drop down into the sea. Why does Wai Lin not climb up the chain?

How did Carver expect to escape the stealth ship? He talks about escaping on a Carver News chopper - we never saw any of them and surely any approaching aircraft would have been engaged or warned off by either of the navel forces present.

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