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Cinemax Beyond The Screen

17th July 2014

Cinemax went behind the scenes of 'Licence To Kill' to preview the new 007 adventure for their viewers in 1989

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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American premium cable channel Cinemax focused on the new 007 adventure 'Licence To Kill' in one of their 1989 episodes of 'Beyond The Screen' and aired the segment before broadcasts of 'The Living Daylights'.

Director John Glen, who is mistakenly captioned in the video, boasts of Timothy Dalton's action prowess: "Most actors say they do their own stunts, but this guy really does his own stunts. He's a very thorough actor, and I think he's always a little uneasy when someone has to step in and impersonate him." Dalton himself is a little more coy: "If you believe it's me it's me. If you can see it's me it's me. The audience should quite simply believe that the man - the character - they're watching, James Bond, does them."

"I'd be very surprised if [Franz Sanchez] isn't the best villain we've ever had." - John Glen

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