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All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray

14th February 2015

They skied across mountains, fought man-eating crocodiles and scaled huge cliffs just to deliver a box of chocolates

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Cadbury launched the Milk Tray box of chocolates in 1915, but it really took off in 1968 when the company used James Bond inspired commercials during the height of 007 fever. From 1968 to 2003, the confectionery was advertised by the 'Milk Tray Man' a tough James Bond-style figure who burst on the screens, undertaking daunting 'raids' to surreptitiously deliver a box of Milk Tray chocolates to a woman. The original tagline was "And all because the lady loves Milk Tray."

Over the 45 years, there were 19 adverts in the series. Six actors played the Milk Tray Mam. Gary Myers, who is most recognizable as the action figure, starred in 11 of them between 1968 and 1984. James Coombes assumed the role in 1987. Alan Riley was officially the last Milk Tray man. A memorable scene of the man jumping from a cliff top into the sea was performed by veteran stuntman Alf Joint.

Top film directors, including Adrian Lyne directed the adverts. The music, The Night Rider, was written by Cliff Adams, who also wrote the music for Fry's Turkish Delight advertisements. The entire campaign of television advertisements ranked at number 11 on ITV's "Best Ads Ever" list in 2005.

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