Nigel Bloch


Character: Nigel Bloch
Game: Agent Under Fire
Age: 50s
Appearance: Male, balding, wears dark glasses
Origin: Unknown
Status: Deceased

Official Briefing
Bloch is CEO of Identicon Corporation, a subsidiary of Malprave Industries that has come under suspicion during the MI6 inquiry. A brilliant engineer and shrewd businessman, Bloch has, until now, only a brief dossier in MI6 files.

Twenty-one years ago, he was convicted of securities fraud and falsifying data related to a patent application. Since securing his released from Whitemoor Prison, he has apparently led a clean life with a number of professional successes and citations in the field of bio-technology research at Cyclops Oil. However, his association with Malprave leads MI6 to believe that Bloch has returned to criminal activity.

In the first mission, Bloch holds CIA agent Zoe Nightshade hostage in Identicon Corporation's base in Hong Kong because her undercover operation to get vials from the corporation was exposed. Bond goes to save her and finds her tied to the pole of a submarine being commandeered by Bloch. As the sub is about to descend in to shark infested waters, Bond saves her and they escape in Zoe's green BMW 750iL.

Later, Bloch sends forces to kill them, but they fail. He then sends terrorist associate Carla the Jackal to kill Bond. Her rocket hits Zoe's 750i, and ends up killing Zoe and she takes the vials back. In revenge, Bond retrieves the vials and traces Bloch to an oil rig in the South China Sea. They fight, and end up in the "Poseidon" secret base. Bond kills him by knocking him into a lava pit.

Towards the end of Agent Under Fire, Bond meets up with Zoe Nightshade. She was actually cloned and the clone was the one killed. In the last level, Bond fights the real Nigel Bloch and shoots him out a window with a rocket launcher, killing him and Bond leaps out, landing in Zoe's plane and Adrian Malprave is killed in the blast.

Showdown - Players Guide
Jet up to the second-floor. When a rocket comes your way step back. Eventually Bloch comes up here with you. After being hit so many times Bloch goes to the third floor and down a shaft. He knocks down a pathway above the crater where the holoprojector was. Q-Jet onto the walkway. Climb up to the top. Use the Q-Claw to reach the tunnel quickly because you may start sliding down. Switch to your fist before you go down the tunnel. Move forward and pick up his rocket launcher he dropped. You will have 10 seconds before the base explodes. Hit Bloch once with a rocket and he is blasted through the window and lands on the rocks. Bond jumps out onto the Harrier just as the base explodes.