Carla The Jackal


Character: Carla The Jackal
Game: Agent Under Fire
Age: 30s
Appearance: Female, red hair, green jump suits
Origin: Unknown
Status: Deceased

"Well, well... the famous James Bond."

Official Briefing
No one knows the real name of Carla the Jackal - a first encounter with her is usually also the last. Drifting in and out of the shadows of international terrorism, Carla has been spotted in Paris, Jakarta, Tripoli and Miami and was recently photographed with Malprave in Hong Kong.

She has made a name for herself as a thief with extraordinary abilities to escape capture. Always available for hire, Carla appears to have a growing relationship with Adrian Malprave. Their intentions are unknown.

In the game, she is hired to assassinate James Bond by Malprave and her henchman Nigel Bloch. She leads a terrorist group to attack Romania and takes over the British Embassy there to keep hostages, including Dr. Natalya Damescu (a scientist and former Malprave employee). Bond is sent to keep her alive and retrieve a stolen data chip.

Carla the Jackal's weapon of choice throughout most of the game is her Windsor FSU-4 (real name Colt M4), a version of the U.S. Army's standard issue assault rifle. The Windsor FSU-4 offers a decent rate of fire and accuracy with the added benefit of the M203 grenade launcher.

Her real name is not given in the video game; her nom de guerre is obviously inspired by real-life South American mercenary Carlos the Jackal.

Showdown - Players Guide
At the Embassy, she and Bond have a showdown in a room full of boxes, a crane, and a rail which could open if a nearby button was pressed, which makes the crane move. She is armed with an M4 Carbine with an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher. Shooting her takes time and ammo, but destroying several well placed explosive barrels well take her health away quickly. Together with this plan and by hitting a button that activates a crane, she will be knocked into a fan, killing her instantly, along with a typical Bond quip. If you opt to shoot her to death instead, you will get her FSU-4.