Adrian Malprave


Character: Adrian Malprave
Game: Agent Under Fire
Age: 40s
Appearance: Female, short black hair, penchant for figure hugging outfits
Origin: Unknown
Status: Deceased

"Enjoy the view..."

Official Briefing
It is only recently that Adrian Malprave has come to the attention of MI6. Starting with a small shipping concern twenty-five years ago, Malprave has developed Malprave Industries into one of the world's largest and broadest multi-national corporations.

Malprave Industries is actively involved in oil, shipping and emerging fields such as bio-technology. Malprave has recently been photographed with known underworld figures such as Carla the Jackal, and an investigation has revealed that some connected subsidiaries have no apparent corporate function or income at all.

MI6 investigation of surveillance pictures reveal that Malprave and Carla the Jackal are close allies, both brilliant and very dangerous. Two of Malprave's employees, Bella and Babe, are identical twins who have long criminal records and are considered experts in martial arts and firearms. Though they are very pleasing to the eye, they should both be viewed with caution.

Malprave has created an underwater base in the South China Sea called Poseidon. It is hidden underneath a large oil rig and is guarded by Nigel Bloch. Bond earlier held the clone of Zoe Nightshade hostage as part of Malprave's evil plan.

It turns out the whole setup is simply Malprave's plot for world domination. She kidnaps the leaders of the G8, and plans to clone them, kill the originals, and force the clone leaders to hand her control over the world.

Above: The beautiful - but deadly - twins Bella and Babe.

It seems Nightfire's main villain, Raphael Drake, had ties with Malprave. Near Drake's secret island while Bond is driving underwater in his "sub", he sees a sunken ship that has the Malprave Industries logo on its side.

Adrian Malprave takes the kidnapped world leaders to Malprave Industries in Switzerland where she holds them hostage and is about to kill them, when Bond arrives, and allows the world leaders to escape captivity. Malprave sends her henchman Nigel Bloch to kill Bond. He and Bond fight, but Bloch escapes into a pipe which leads to Malprave's office. Bond picks up a rocket launcher and blows Bloch out the window. Bond jumps out and lands in his jet as Malprave dies in her exploding factory.