Agent Zoe Nightshade


Character: Zoe Nightshade
Game: Agent Under Fire
Age: Late 20s
Appearance: Female, tall, slim figured, blue eyes, short blonde/brown hair, tied back
Origin: American
Status: Active

Zoe: "don't know how to thank you..."
Bond: "I'm sure we'll think of something!"

Official Briefing
One of the many undercover agents the CIA has working in China, Zoe Nightshade is willing to lend a hand with James Bond's current mission.

From years of field work in Asia, she has become fluent in Mandarin. Zoe is skilled in a variety of firearms and is also a world-class driver.

Agent Nightshade was kidnapped by Nigel Bloch, CEO of Identicon, which coincidentally is a subsidiary of Malprave Industries. She was taken to the Identicon factory in Hong Kong, China, where she was tied to a submarine pole as the sub was activated to start its descent into shark infested waters. James Bond rescued her, and they retrieved secret vials that were heavily guarded. They were later chased in Zoe's BMW, and she was seemingly assassinated by Carla the Jackal, a sharpshooter that had been photographed with Adrian Malprave. She stole the vials retrieved from the factory. but Bond chased her down, and retrieved the vials.

Later in the game, Bond finds the real Zoe Nightshade in a submarine inside the secret Poseidon base. She explains that Malprave had kidnapped her, cloned her, and made a plot for him to save her clone, and the clone was meant to kill Bond. The missile was to kill Bond, but it accidentally killed Zoe's clone.

In the final level, Zoe rescues Bond while she is piloting a jet, and Bond kills Bloch, and Malprave.

Months later, Zoe is once again in the picture for the next videogame adventure, Nightfire. She is a minor part of the story, posing as a party guest in Raphael Drake's castle. Bond rescues her, and that was the last the world has seen of Agent Nightshade.

On the box cover art, Zoe Nightshade is portrayed by a model from Vancouver, Canada (the same city that the driving missions were developed by EA).