Agent Under Fire - Story

The story begins in Hong Kong. James Bond has been assigned to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent, Zoe Nightshade from the clutches of Nigel Bloch. Bloch, the CEO of a corporation called Identicon, captured Nightshade after she attempted to steal vials of some unknown substances. Bond locates the vials, rescues Nightshade, and gives chase through Hong Kong to the Identicon factory to locate the rest of the samples.

At the docks, as R is about to lead Nightshade to safety, a limo approaches with Carla the Jackal inside. She fires a rocket at the group, killing Nightshade and taking the samples. Bond manages to get them back.


Agent Under Fire

The vials were revealed to have the names of the world's leaders and a lead to the British Embassy in Romania. In the embassy, Bond locates an e-mail linking it to a corporation called Malprave Industries based in Switzerland. This industry is a link to Bloch's Identicon as a front for cloning experiments. When Bond infiltrates Malprave Industries, the leader of the corporation is a woman he met at the embassy, Adrian Malprave. Bond manages to escape with further information regarding Malprave's plot.

Agent Under Fire - Lead Characters
James Bond
The hero of the game, he must investigate Adrian Malprave, an industrialist who clones humans. His likeness is not based on Pierce Brosnan, the then-current James Bond in the official films.

Adrian Malprave
Malprave is the industrialist who owns Malprave Industries. She turns out to be an evil mastermind (the main villain of the game) who clones humans to carry out her plot of world domination.


Nigel Bloch
Bloch is the CEO of Identicon Corporation, a section of Malprave Industries. He is the first subject of Malprave's cloning experiment.

Carla the Jackal
Carla is an assassin for hire, who Malprave hires to kill Bond. She and Malprave seem to have a close relationship.

Zoe Nightshade
Zoe is an attractive and skilled CIA agent who is also the primary Bond girl of the game.

Bond returns to Romania on an assignment to rescue Dr. Natalya Damescu, a scientist formerly in the employ of Malprave. Damescu has a data chip containing information on something called Poseidon. However, Malprave has sent Carla the Jackal to infiltrate the embassy and kidnap Damescu. Bond rescues her and kills Carla, but Damescu reveals that the thugs have already taken the chip. Bond gives chase through the city of Bucharest in his Aston Martin to reclaim the chip. He finds it and brings it back to his safehouse in a tank (similar to the tank chase in GoldenEye).

M reveals to James Bond that the chip's data on Poseidon leads to an oil rig located in the South China Sea. He goes there, and chases Nigel Bloch to an underwater base beneath the oil rig, Poseidon. Bond fights his way through, and kills Bloch by blowing up a base. He then finds a sub with the supposedly dead Zoe Nightshade. She says Carla the Jackal killed her clone, and the rocket was meant for Bond.

They are then taken to a British carrier in the Mediterranean sea that has been hijacked by Malprave's men. Bond finds Malprave is trying to replace the world leaders with clone replicants. Clones of the G8 were about to escape the carrier by helicopter but was shot down.

After the carrier is freed, Zoe and Bond take off in a Harrier and Bond gets dropped off at Malprave Industries in Switzerland, as Zoe waits for him. Bond finds the world leaders held hostage near all her missile silos. Bond saves them and they escape, and he encounters Malprave, and the real Bloch (Bond killed his clone).


Malprave escapes, and Bond chases Bloch to the main room, and blows him out the window with a rocket launcher, killing him. Bond escapes the exploding base by leaping out the destroyed window, with Malprave behind him, but it blows up with her in it. Bond lands in the open cockpit of Zoe's jet that was flying outside the window.