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13th December 2010

Conceal yourself behind the cargo boxes until the sentry walks to the deck’s right side and views the yachts with binoculars. Emerge from behind cover and execute a stealth takedown to the guard. Proceed along the deck’s right side and enter the bridge. Enter the automatically opening center door and traverse the hallway to find a bar, with a guard examining a laptop. Execute a takedown (stealth or otherwise) on the guard, proceed outside, and descend the ladder, located immediately right of the dining table. Takedown the guard immediately beside you and eliminate the others. Enter the luxurious room to the former guards’ right and proceed to the hallway’s end to trigger a cinematic. Immediately seek cover and eliminate the guards. Proceed to the server room (rightmost door), climb the ladder, enter and traverse the hallway, and seek cover to trigger another cinematic.

When the cinematic terminates, you’ll be pursuing Greco. Stay close (within 50 to 250 meters) when pursuing him and trigger the slow motion to eliminate enemy boats whenever possible. When the lighthouse collapses, pilot right. When Greco commands the helicopter pilot to eliminate you, trigger the slow motion upon prompt and fire the Walther a couple times to trigger another cinematic and final playing sequence.

From your present position, eliminate the guards. Later seek cover behind the center villa pillar, with Bond’s back facing the entrance. Enter the villa, traverse the right-side hallway to the library, and open the left-side door. Emerge outside, enter the right-side bar, traverse the left-side bridge, and run right to enter another structure. Follow the linear path to find yourself inside a luxurious area, with closed double doors to the left. Kick open two sets of double doors and take cover behind the white sedan. Fight across the parking lot in order to enter a café, which the driving scene.

Unlike driving sequences in previous games, you cannot use weapons against the target – you can only pursue him or her. Pursue the bomb truck. When the first slow-motion event occurs, direct oneself right. When you are driving to an 18-wheeler, divert yourself to the right-side country road. When you enter a tunnel, accelerate in order to make contact with the bomb vehicle. Doing so will end the level.

Proceed to the street’s end and attempt to enter the worksite to trigger a cinematic. Proceed down the incline and enter the leftmost trailer, and scan the laptop inside. Exit the trailer and enter another trailer northwest of your position. After scanning another laptop, follow the worker to the foreman’s cabin, west of your position. Enter the foreman’s trailer and scan the laptop to trigger a cinematic. Sprint of the trailer and jump to trigger another cinematic.

Execute a stealth takedown on the guard immediately in front of you and execute a regular takedown on the distant guard. From the second guard’s position, travel eastward and enter another sub-construction site. You’ll come to a small opening with a bulldozer and (soon to be) several guards present. Eliminate the sentries, traverse the small incline, and seek cover behind the wall. Eliminate additional guards and proceed forward. You’ll arrive at another small opening with crane-supported walkways present. From the second walkway, face rearward and equip your Smartphone to view the crane section you need to break. Shoot it to trigger a cinematic and gain access to the tunnel system.

Proceed using the middle path, vault over the concrete pile, and continue advancing. Enter the left-side corridor it emerges (directly across the easier-to-spot right-side corridor). Proceed through the corridor to emerge in another set of tunnels. Enter the right-side corridor at the tunnel’s opposite end. Proceed through to emerge in a room with a circular guardrail. Proceed along the left side and enter the first corridor. Enter the right-side maintenance room and switch the tracks. Return to the second tunnel you entered and proceed to the lighted tunnel car. Operate the tunnel car (the switch being located right-side) to emerge in a new tunnel system.

Ascend the right-side planks, traverse the walkway, and drop to ground level. Advance toward the lighted path and follow it to the ladder. Doing so will alert the enemy to your presence. After climbing the ladder, follow the relatively straight-forward wooden path (while climbing, jumping or shimmying whenever necessary) to trigger a final brief cinematic and emerge in a new area.

Drop to ground level, advance forward, and execute a takedown on the sentry. Continue advancing forward and you’ll soon find yourself in a large pillared flooded room. Continue along the linear path and, upon entering the small lighted tunnel, climb the wall. Traverse the corridor to find yourself in a decrepit prison. Proceed to the middle and seek cover behind a pillar. Execute a stealth takedown on the advancing guard and unceremoniously eliminate the others. Proceed through the jail, enter the right-side cell, and speak to the prisoner (who is, unfortunately, not Tedworth).

After the dialogue, climb the bed and wall and shimmy to a wooden walkway. Follow the path to a gap and jump rightward. Drop to ground level and continue down the leftward corridor to emerge in another large flooded room. Proceed along the straightforward path and climb the eventual wall. Before you emerge from the corridor, take cover, eliminate the guards, and seek cover behind their position. Later continue to the pillars’ position, seek cover, and eliminate enemies there. Proceed along the relatively straightforward path (get used to reading that phrase often) until you drop to ground level. At ground level, look rightward and climb the ladder. Continue forward and climb another ladder. Follow the path and descend the final ladder when you view it. Continue following the path until you trigger a cinematic, which triggers the driving scene.

Pursue Berlin’s car (preferably within 150 meters) while being mindful of the radar in order to determine which roads he drives. When the petrol station explodes, drive rightward. When a white Beetle flips amongst two large buses, drive rightward.

From your position, eliminate the guards and proceed forward. Follow the straightforward path until you emerge in a large opening with collapsed pillars. Ascend the left-side ladder. After ascending, kick the wooden support from the mechanical gear to create a walkway. Traverse the walkway and proceed left to return on the path. When you arrive at the opening where the armored car parked, proceed to the opening’s middle and look right to discover the exit and continue on the path to eventually end the level.

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