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"Blood Stone" Strategy Guide (5)

19th January 2011

Break free from your restraints and exit the jail cell. Advance down the hallway, take cover behind the wall corner, and execute a stealth takedown on the guard. Continue down the corridor and enter the right-side wall’s last room. Execute another takedown on the stationary guard, exit the room via the other doorway, and ascend the stairs. Your smartphone and pistol are located in the northeast (upper-right corner) of the room. Equip your smartphone and scan the door’s electronic lock to escape.

For the next several stages, be extremely quiet so as not to make sections unnecessarily difficult. If enemies are alerted to your presence, restart from the checkpoint. After exiting the door, slowly advance toward the opposite end of the opposite end of the camp, across the cars, prisoners, soldiers, and tanks. Advance behind an unsuspecting guard (with a concrete blockade blocking you) and execute a stealth takedown.

Advance further until you’re parallel to the APC and are watching a guard advance. Execute a stealth takedown and continue along. Continue advancing rightward until you view three guards (the third is leaving). Advance toward the furthest guard and execute a stealth takedown from the left (the guard’s left). Return to the closer guard and execute a stealth takedown from the right (the guard’s right). Advance up the ladder and take cover behind the wall to avoid detection by guards below. Execute a takedown on the guard who left when you confront him. Advance to the watchtower at the opposite end and vault down. Run to the gap and jump down. Walk toward the bridge, jump onto it, and shimmy across. Shortly after you do so, the enemies will be alerted to your escape.

After finishing shimmying, execute a takedown on the unsuspecting solitary guard and continue along the path the enemies took. Enter the cavern when you view it. When you emerge, immediately take cover behind the boxes and quietly dispose of the present guards. Advance further into the camp, take cover behind what you deem suitable, and eliminate the additional guards with an automatic weapon. Afterward, travel to the exit, northeast of the entrance. In the exit corridor, climb to the ledge and drop to ground level shortly thereafter. Take cover behind what you deem suitable and wait for the patrol to pass. Afterward, execute a stealth takedown on the unsuspecting solitary guard. Advance to where the patrol went and quietly eliminate the two guards around the fire without alerting the patrol. Take cover behind what you deem suitable and eliminate the guards around the armored personnel carrier. Sprint to the stairwell, while taking cover to heal as necessary. Obtain the grenade launcher on the bridge and fire all remaining grenades at the APC.

Follow the path to ground level and take cover behind the closest appropriate object. Make your way left – away from the APC. Take cover behind another appropriate object and eliminate the enemies ahead. Advance directly to their former position and ascend the ladder (located left if looking toward where you advanced). Retrieve the grenade launcher, but do not fire. Drop to ground level, take cover behind the wall, and eliminate the enemies. Advance forward to the exit, but continue to seek cover inside while eliminating enemies outside. Sprint up the stairs and immediately seek cover – obtain the additional grenades and, while staying behind cover, fire at will to the APC. Its destruction requires seven grenades on Field Operative difficulty. After its destruction, vault to ground level and advance left.

Jump off the wing’s opposite side emerge in a jungle, in a scene reminiscent of GoldenEye’s Jungle level. Follow the path in order to emerge at a construction site. Take cover behind what you deem appropriate and eliminate the enemies.

Advance toward the opposite end of the construction site and advance leftward to the blue crane. Jump onto the blue crane and immediately seek cover. Move to the console, activate it, and seek cover behind it. After the crane finishes ascending, climb onto the white platform and enter the crane control room. Assume control of the crane and drop it directly onto the helicopter in order to destroy it. Afterward, position the crane right – Bond will automatically exit when it is positioned correctly. Advance the ladder, advance another ladder to your left, advance across the newly created walkway, and jump from the walkway onto plane wreckage, permitting you to gain access to the building. Upon combating enemies, receive focus aims.

At the fork, take the left path and follow the straightforward path until you emerge in a large room. Eliminate all enemies, using recently acquired focus aims when you deem necessary. The exit – a large red corridor – is northwest of your position. Fight to the end of the corridor to the elevator.


Advance upstairs and downstairs until you emerge outside. Whenever emerging outside in this level, prepare for a long (albeit not necessarily difficult) battle. Ascend the outside stairs and immediately seek cover, preferably outside the structure. Enter the structure when you deem appropriate and seek cover inside whilst eliminating enemies outside. Use the Smartphone to locate them, if needed. Move to the additional set of stairs and enter the small structure. Activate the console to lower the bridge, exit the structure, and seek cover. As the bridge lowers, eliminate the enemies. Reserve focus aim shots for snipers, identified by a green laser sight. After the bridge lowers, continue eliminating enemies. After you’ve eliminated all enemies (verify with Smartphone), advance across the bridge.

Advance up the stairs (located left) and follow the straightforward path to a large clearing with enemies. Take cover behind the wall corner or railing and eliminate enemies. Continue down the straightforward path. When you come to the track, advance toward the circular control center and use the computer to restore power. Advance toward the tram’s blue console and activate it to begin moving. Take cover behind the boxes. As the tram moves, enemies will fire but unless they damage you, eliminating them is unnecessary and a waste of ammunition. When the tram arrives, retain your cover while eliminating enemies. After exiting the tram, continue advancing upstairs and following the straightforward path. When emerging outside, follow the path downstairs to the elevator. It will automatically ascend.

After emerging from the elevator, follow the linear path while activating the blue consoles as you progress, taking cover behind them if necessary. Activate the first console, around the hall from where you exit the elevator. Proceed right to view another console to activate – activate it upon your arrival. Follow the path up the stairs, being careful of the guard at the top. Emerge outside, eliminate the guard, and activate the console. Jump across the left-side gap and advance forward to view and activate another console. From the console, peek up and eliminate two guards in front of your path. Continue along the path, inside briefly, and emerge again to view another jump. Make the jump and dash to the small control panel, which triggers a cinematic. When control returns to the player, eliminate Rak.


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