MI6 looks back at the Dark Horses comic mini series "James Bond 007: Light Of My Death" #4, released in 1993...

"James Bond 007: Light Of My Death #4" Review
1st October 2005

Above: Front cover


The Story
We return to the adventure on Friday, as Bond arrives via a BOAC flight he is meet by Tatiana. They discuss the forthcoming diplomatic conference, which was mentioned in the opening of issue three. While driving to the conference in Giza, Bond makes Tatiana stop the car and he jumps out.

We learn the full scope of Bond’s plan as we read his monologue whilst he climbs up a sphinx to stop the sniper from the earlier issue. We learn that the helicopter, which is destroyed by the sniper, turns out to be a remote system being flow by Major Boothroyd.

Bond wrestles with the sniper who killed Rogers, and he falls to his death with the laser sniper rifle.

MI6 Briefing
Title: James Bond – Light of my Death
Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #11 - Part 4 - 1993
Writer: Das Petrou
Artist: John Watkiss
Letters: Woodrow Phoenix
Colorist: Trevor Goring
Cover Artist: Arthur Adams
Cover Colorist: Mathew Hollingsworth

Best Line
"If I may say I gave him a head start"

As with the earlier three issues, the artwork is constant until the end. Detailing varies on certain cells, although the larger panels suffer. But during the final fight, when Bond climbs a sphinx, the detailing is excellent.

A good balance has been found in this final issue, however most of the final dialogue has been transposed into Bond's monologue. The face off between Bond and the sniper is brief and does not reveal anything new to the story.

Data Stream (Part #4)

Villain: unnamed sniper
Plot: Bond puts into action his scheme with the help of Q and dispatches the sniper using the laser rifle.
Bond Girls: N/A
Allies: Major Boothroyd, Tatiana Romanova
Locations: Cairo

There is very little closure in this story arc and we have do not discover what the villains true motivations were or what other technologies had been invented. This 24 page comic is not up to the established Dark Horse standard. If given the chance it would be interesting to revisit a expanded version of this story.


Above: Cell from part 4 of Light of my Death

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