MI6 looks back at the comic Shattered Helix #1 "The Greenhouse Effect, Chapter 1" released by Dark Horse Comics in June 1994.

James Bond 007: Shattered Helix #1 "The Greenhouse Effect, Chapter 1" Review
19th March 2005

Above: Cells from "Shattered Helix #1"

The Story
Shattered Helix is comprised of two issues. Book one sets up the story and introduces all the key characters, locations and environmental subtext.

Shattered Helix issue one, "The Greenhouse Effect", sees Bond begin at "The Ark" - an enclosed environment that has received threats from the new criminal organization, Cerberus. Bond must discover why they attacked "The Ark" and try to stop them from whatever there up to.

After losing "The Ark" and injuring himself in the process, Bond discovers what the mysterious attack was about - a secret government project to create a DNA mutagen.

Cerberus' leading henchman "Bullock", with his unique implanted body armour courtesy of his master, masterminds the kidnapping of the only living scientist, Professor Philip Boyce, who survived a leak on the secret government laboratory which is buried deep beneath the Antarctic.

Bond teams up with the daughter of one of the deceased scientists to help him locate the secret facility and stop Cerberus putting their plan of reengineering the DNA mutagen into action. Issue one concludes with Bond and Miss Mountjoy, the daughter of the kidnapped professor, arriving in the Antarctic with squad of soldiers who are pursuing the kidnapped Doctor.

Above: The opening panel of "Shattered Helix #1"

Cover Design
The standard layout used by Dark Horse Comics throughout their James Bond run of comics can be seen here. Large block print and single colour underlining in the top left-hand corner identifies this as a 007 installment. The cover shows a menacing figure with dagger in his hand overlooking Miss Mountjoy and James Bond. Bond is in a classic pose with his gun pointing directly at the reader. This cover is simple, clean and effective in creating the correct mood for the issue.

Above: Cell from "Shattered Helix #2"


Jackson and Lloyd have created a detailed and rich world for Bond to inhabit. The opening sequence focuses on a greenhouse environment with the use of warm colours. Each cell is busy with everything from butterflies to detailed explosions.

The second half of the first issue sees things quicken in pace, when the villain is introduced with under a green hue creating a surreal atmosphere, while discussing his plans with the kidnapped Professor Boyce. The cells that weaken this issue involve the introduction of the female lead, Miss Mountjoy. The character is flat, and sketchy at best.

The finale of this issue is set in the Antarctic, and the detail and colouring here is superb. Large amounts of white are handled in a responsible manor. Environmental damage is shown in great detail in a single spread with cells conveying the destruction.

Dialogue in this comic is short and carefully constructed to fit such a small canvas, and effectively tells the story. The dialogue keeps the story moving and has been well crafted. Fell and Jowett have kept it tight and sharply delivered by the characters.

Best Line
"I guess we must share the same tailor."

Above: Front cover

MI6 Briefing
Title: Ian Fleming's 007 James Bond - Shattered Helix
Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #1 - June 1994
Writer: Simon Jowett
Layouts & Colour: David Lloyd
Pencils & Inks: David Jackson
Letters: Elitta Fell
Editor: Dick Hansom
Book Design: Fuentes

Data Stream (Issue #1)
Villains: Mr Barclay, Bullock, Cerberus
Plot: Bond has to discover what involvement Cerberus has with a kidnap, and how a mysterious submerged research facility fits into it all.
Bond Girls: Miss Serena Mountjoy
Allies: M, Robert Julien, Professor Philip Boyce
Locations: Bio-sphere housing a tropical environment, Arizona, USA; London, UK; McMurdo Base, Antarctic

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