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James Bond 007: Serpent's Tooth #2 Review
13th January 2005


The Story
Issue #2 picks up at Cruzado' commando training camp, where Cruzado and Sunny discuss with Bond what he managed to steel from Indigo's HQ and the kidnapping of local village girls, by unknown forces. While reviewing a stolen map, the trio discover that corresponding marks correspond to locations of kidnapped girls - and a place to start there search.

An original Major Boothroyd then equips Bond for the mission ahead with a Q 'Boat' and modified machete, watch, explosive molar cap and ultrasonic transmitter in the form of a ring. M call's to discuss the now analysed stolen data, photos of the kidnapped scientist, and a test tube of 009's blood!

Left: Cell from "Serpent's Tooth" #2

Indigo's evil scheme becomes clear as we get to witness his insanity and determination to ensure he succeeds - no mater what the cost. Sunny and Bond set off in the Q Boat and meet with the remote tribes people who Sunny has previously befriended. Lying in wait, Bond and Sunny witness the kidnapping of yet another tribe girl, and in the ensuing gunfight they become separated.

The chase is on in the first major action sequence of issue #2. Bond is being pursued by high-speed boats and 'chupa's' - an airborne hovercraft of sorts. As the dramatic action unfolds Bond, has several narrow escapes. The final close shave sees him lose Q's Boat and survive.

Dispatching several more guards, Bond locates a secret entrance to enclosed area, in which Indigo's base is located. "Jurassic Park vs Bond"; the ending of issue one see Indigo's pet dinosaur, which Bond must now face. Bond comes out of this second action sequence in poor shape. While fighting the dinosaur, Indigo's base becomes mobile on the grandest of scales and heads for the safety of the Ocean floor.


Above: Cell from "Serpent's Tooth #2"

Bond finally locates the temple and the kidnapped girls in the centre of the now submerged environment. Immobilised by an electric fence, Bond lies at the enemy's gates, unconscious.

Cover Design
The upper two thirds of the cover see Bond go "Action Man", with gun, machete in each hand sporting terminator sunglasses and a combat vest. A purple and black sky creates a discoloured over bearing Bond figure. The lower third highlights the showdown between the Bond and the dinosaur, Cruzado plus commandos. The final elements are a halved face of Indigo and two bikini clad girls. Dark Horse has kept the overall layout the similar to issue one but using a blue and yellow colour scheme.

Mostly river and forest settings see large quantities of blues and greens being used. The river fight is a full on, and the cell's come to life in full glory with the action and destruction. The weakest point of this issue is the dinosaur as it has a 1950's B movie feel, but the action sequences involving Bond and the biped are strong and well illustrated. A fully original Q is seen with a long face, athletic build and with swept back white hair.

Putting Bond in commando style attire is a fresh look at the character, with hints of "The Terminator" throughout this issue - it seems he is a throw back from the 80's. In true Bond style all the female characters are well developed including Sunny who sports a commando swimsuit! Overall, as a continuation of issue #1's high quality, it is let down by a poor and extinct dinosaur.

Above: Cell from "Serpent's Tooth #2"

Yet again the language and dialogue hit the mark as in issue #1, sharp and to the point. The two large action sequences are handled using the correct mix of visual queues and action words.

Best Line
"You are certain it's the British agent James Bond?"

Above: Front cover of issue #2

MI6 Briefing
Title: Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth
Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #2 August 1992
Writer: Doug Moench
Illustrator: Paul Gulacy
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Cover Artist: Paul Gulacy
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Jerry Prosser

Data Stream (Issue #2)
Villain: Indigo
Plot: Bond is sent to investigate a missing 00 agent and discovers more then he has bargained for, when he comes up against a genetically modified villain.
Bond Girls: Sunny Vasquez
Allies: M, Miss Moneypenny, Senor Cruzado, Major Boothroyd
Locations: Lima, Peru; Pacific Ocean floor

MI6 Rating

Images courtesy Dark Horse Comics.

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