The James Bond Omnibus Volume 001: The Movie Collection

Publisher: Titan Books
Released: 25th September 2009 (UK),
8th September 2009 (USA)
Pages: 104
Dimensions: 8.7 x 11.7 inches
Artist: John McLusky, Yaroslav Horak
Writer: Jim Lawrence, Anthony Hern

Included Stories
"Casino Royale", "Live And Let Die", "Moonraker", "Diamonds Are Forever", "From Russia With Love", "Dr. No", "Goldfinger", "Risico", "From A View To A Kill", "For Your Eyes Only" and "Thunderball".

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MI6 Blurb
The daring James Bond is back in a definitive bumper edition collecting Ian Fleming's earliest literary adventures in comic strip form! For the first time, eleven of Bond's most thrilling and dangerous missions appear in a single volume: "Casino Royale", "Live and Let Die", "Moonraker", "Diamonds are Forever", "From Russia With Love", "Dr. No", "Goldfinger", "Risico", "From a View to a Kill", "For Your Eyes Only" and "Thunderball"!

With an exclusive introduction by Sir Roger Moore, this huge volume features beautiful women, thrilling action, incredible gadgets and the odd Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred...this ultimate collection of Bond's best is not to be missed.

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