Shark Bait

Publisher: Titan Books
Released: 25th January 2008 (UK),
12th February 2008 (USA)
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 8.7 x 11.7 inches
Artist: Yaroslav Horak, Harry North
Writers: Jim Lawrence

Included Stories
The Xanadu Connection
Shark Bait

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Above: Front cover (final)

Official Blurb
The legend continues! Stand by for more adventures with the world’s greatest secret agent, as some of his most thrilling missions are collected for the first time ever!

Shark Bait, a story never before published in the UK, sees 007 facing off against a new nemesis... and a sea of hungry sharks! When a routine recon mission is interrupted by an underwater attack by the gorgeous Katya Orlova, a Russian spy with a vendetta against MI-6, Bond is left with only one choice: kill or be killed!

This new, never-before-collected edition also includes Doomcrack and another, never-before-seen in the UK story, The Xanadu Connection! Plus a new introduction by Bond girl Caroline Bliss (Miss Moneypenny) and a feature on James Bond in US comics!

Special Features

  • Introduction Caroline Bliss (Miss Moneypenny in "The Living Daylights" & "Licence To Kill")
  • Feature on James Bond's adventures in US comics (part 2)
  • Syndicated newspaper comic strip checklist.
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