Trouble Spot

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 28th December 1971 to
10th June 1972
Serial: #1810 to #1951
Artist: Yaroslav Horak
Writer: Jim Lawrence

Data Stream
Villains: Baron Sharck (Commissar Sharkface), Olga, Igor, Phillip Grojec
Bond Girls: Gretta, Folly Wilde
Allies: Bill Tanner, Moneypenny
Locations: Riviera, France; Orly Airport, Paris, France; Los Angeles, California, USA; Belluna, California, Usa

Above: From the opening panel, scantly clad women adorn almost every strip.

Capsule Synopsis
In Trouble Spot, first published in the Daily Express in 1971, James Bond has to track down a "box", and his best lead is Mike Channing's blind wife. 007 has no option but to assume the identity of the now dead Channing and try to convince his widow to lead him to the mysterious box, before a brutal Russian commissar known as Sharkface beats him to it.

Above: The opening panel of "Trouble Spot"

Above: Lawrence's plots usually include some high technology, and despite the down to earth plot, there is still room for a deadly gadget.

Source To Strip
In a shift away from his usual high-tech storylines, writer Jim Lawrence creates a down-to-earth espionage tale for James Bond in Trouble Spot. The only issue with the adventure to find 'the box' is that it really does not warrant the attentions of a double-0 agent. Set against the backdrop of Cold War tensions and spy vs spy warfare, Trouble Spot is an interesting outing for Bond with the key Fleming elements: sex, sadism and snobbery.

Artist Yaroslav Horak goes even further with his artwork in this strip - a watershed outing in the series which sees scantily clad women in almost every panel, and only the slightest excuse needed for them to strip into the bare essentials. With hints of sadomasochism thrown in for good measure, especially in the shape of the whip-toting Olga, Trouble Spot would no doubt have been approved by Fleming, if not the fans.

Above: In order to convince Bond to talk, Sharck threatens to have Gretta whipped

Best Line
Bond: "A little faster with those knots, Olga dear! Or would a few strokes on the flank with your own whip help you undo them more deftly?"

Bond uses a telephone gadget to deliver a high-pitch shrill - disabling a goon. A villain would use a similar device at the United Nations in the film "Live And Let Die" two years later.

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"Trouble Spot" by Titan Books

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