You Only Live Twice

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 18th May 1965 to
8th January 1966
Serial: #0275 to #0475 (Series Two)
Artist: John McLusky
Writer: Ian Fleming, Henry Gammidge

Data Stream
Villains: Dr. Guntram Shatterhand (Ernst Stavro Blofeld), Irma Bunt, Kono, Kazama
Bond Girls: Kissy Suzuki, Mariko
Allies: Tiger Tanaka, Richard Henderson, Kannushi, M, Bill Tanner
Locations: London, Tokyo, Fukuoka (Japan), Kuro (Japan), the Garden of Death.

Above: Tiger Tanaka transforms James Bond with a Japanese appearance so he can work without being noticed.

Capsule Synopsis
The Japanese secret service have created a machine capable of cracking Soviet coded messages, and James Bond is sent to retrieve the "Magic 44" technology for Britain in return for performing a favour to the Japanese government. A mysterious outsider has created a "Garden of Death" that is attracting an increasing number of suicides, which the Japanese government is determined to put a top to. When Tiger Tanaka, head of the Japanese secret service, reveals to Bond the true identity of the elusive Dr. Shatterhand, Bond has his chance to take revenge for Tracy's death.

Above: The opening panel of "You Only Live Twice"

Above: James Bond unwittingly calculates the precise length of Blofeld's trap door.

Source To Strip
"You Only Live Twice" was Ian Fleming's penultimate novel, and lovingly describes Japanese culture and the surroundings James Bond finds himself in. But due to the graphic format, writer Henry Gammidge cuts back on most of the prose, deciding to focus on the central plot of the novel. Blofeld is portrayed in a similar vein to the criminal mastermind of previous strip adventures - with his plan to blackmail the Japanese government.

Fleming's novel moves quickly over the "death" of James Bond, but the strip incarnation spends a while lingering over the routines that Tiger Tanaka and M go through whilst concluding the case.

Best Line
Bond: "Now bring on the twelve she-devils and if they're all as beautiful as Fraulein Bunt... We'll get Noel Coward to put it to music and have it on Broadway by Christmas. How about it?"

"You Only Live Twice" was the last strip adventure McLusky and Gammidge worked on together, and the final cell in the story was drawn by Yaroslav Horak, who would team up with writer Jim Lawrence to continue the series with "The Man With The Golden Gun".

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