You Only Live Twice

When U.S. and Soviet manned spaceships are hijacked in Earth's orbit, Agent 007 (Sean Connery) must race to prevent a nuclear war between the superpowers. His pulse-pounding missions takes him to Japan, where he battles the evil SPECTRE organization and its diabolical leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasence)!

Release Data
Releases: 3 (2000 SE, 2002 SE, 2003 SE)
Catalogue Number: 16238DVD (R2)
Disc Format: D1 - double layer, single-sided

English Mono
Subtitles: English
Hard of Hearing: English

2.35:1 / Widescreen Version 16:9
Certificate: PG
Duration : 112 minutes

1. Opening Sequence
2. Dead On The Job
3. Main Titles
4. Funeral At Sea
5. Pure Guesswork
6. Sumo Puck-Up
7. Henderson's Back
8. Carry-On Criminals
9. Tanaka Loves Bond
10. Snapshot
11. Japanese Customs
12. Spicy Dealings
13. Park-And-Fly
14. The Friendly Ports
15. For England...
16. Little Nelly
17. A Hot Reception
18. Moscow, We Have A Problem
19. The Strictest Orders
20. Ninja Academy
21. James Bond-San
22. Sweet Taste Of Death
23. Mrs. Bond
24. Strictly Business
25. "Honeymoon's Over"
26. A Fly On The wall
27. Captive Cosmonauts
28. "Stop That Astronaut"
29. The Next Wave
30. The Price OF Failure
31. Imminent Destruction
32. End Credits


Special Features

Audio Commentary Featuring Director Lewis Gilbert and Members Of The Cast And Crew

Inside You Only Live Twice Documentary

Silhouettes : The James Bond Titles Documentary

Plane Crash : Animated Storyboard Sequence

Radio Spots

Original Theatrical Trailers

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