Actress: Robert Shaw
Character: Donald "Red" Grant
Game: From Russia With Love
Status: Henchman
DOB: 9th August 1927
Born: Westhoughton, Lancashire, England, UK
Vital Statistics: 6' (1.83 m)
Memorable Performance: Playing Quint in the 1975 Spielberg movie "Jaws"

The late Robert Shaw plays Red Grant - a SPECTRE trained assassin.

Red Grant is a convicted killer trained by SPECTRE as an assassin. In "From Russia With Love", his mission is simple, to avenge Dr. No by eliminating and humiliating 007.

Grant was handpicked by Rosa Klebb to kill Bond, as he was psychotic and a most efficient assassin.

Part of an elaborate SPECTRE plot, Grant plays his part to perfection and is finally only defeated by Bond's clever use of his Q-branch gadgetry. Without a doubt one of Bond's toughest adversaries to date.


"The first one won't kill you... not the second... not even the third... Not till you crawl over here and you kiss my foot."


Robert Shaw is best remembered as being an accomplished writer and supporting actor.

Born in 1927, there is now a pub called "The Robert Shaw" in his home town of Westhoughton in England. He is the father of actor Ian Shaw and the uncle of author, actor, and filmmaker Scott Shaw.

Shaw twice played a villain opposite a hero played by Sean Connery. The first was that of SPECTRE killer Donald Grant in "From Russia With Love", the second was the Sheriff of Nottingham in "Robin & Marion" opposite Connery's aging forest archer Robin Hood. Many of Captain Quint's ramblings in "Jaws" were actually Shaw's improvisations, and he is considered one of many authors of the famous "USS Indianapolis" scene.

Was nominated for Broadway's 1969 Tony Award as author of Best Play nominee "The Man in the Glass Booth". He died of a heart attack in Tourmakeady, County Mayo, Ireland on 28th August 1978.