MI6 rounds up the latest release dates and ordering links for the forthcoming James Bond videogame "From Russia With Love"...

UPDATE 13/07/05 - Box art revealed!
UPDATE 15/08/05 - USA pre-orders available
UPDATE 22/09/05 - International release dates & artwork

FRWL - Release Dates & Pre-Orders
5th June 2005 / 13th July 2005 / 22nd September 2005

Although official release dates have yet to be officially confirmed by EA Games, MI6 has learned that the planned shipping date in USA and Canada is November 1st 2005. The game will roll out in Europe and the rest of the world in the following weeks.

The game is set to be rated for 16+ in the UK and across Europe by ELSPA (except Spain which has a pending 12+ rating), and M15+ in Australia (medium level animated violence). In the US, the game is still "Rating Pending". The demo trailer for the game has been rated 12 by the BBFC in the UK.

The Sony PSP version was leaked by MI6 back in May, and was officially confirmed on November 7th 2005 for release in Spring 2006. Details of a Nintendo DS version are yet to be officially announced.

Strategy Guide
The official Prima Strategy Guide is also available to pre-order, and is listed for release on 8th November 2005 in the USA (it was first listed for 11th October release but has since been pushed back).
Strategy Guide - MI6 Price: $11.55 (USA)
Strategy Guide - MI6 Price: £9.09 (UK)


Above: Generic UK platform artwork

Game Release Dates & International Data
Country Release Date Rating Foreign Title
USA & Canada 1st November 05 RP  
UK 18th November 05 16+  
France 24th November 05 16+ Bons Baisers de Russie
Germany 17th November 05 16 Liebesgrüße aus Moskau
Spain 25th November 05 12+ Desde Rusia con Amor
Italy TBC TBC Dalla Russia con Amore
Australia 22nd November 05 M15+  
Japan TBC TBC  

Sony Playstation 2
UK - MI6 Price: £32.99
USA - MI6 Price: $49.99
PS2 MI6 Coverage
Microsoft Xbox
UK - MI6 Price: £32.99
USA - MI6 Price: $49.99
Xbox MI6 Coverage
Nintendo Game Cube
UK - MI6 Price: £32.99
USA - MI6 Price: $49.99
Game Cube MI6 Coverage

Foreign Cover Art (Click a platform link above for specific cover art)
Above: French, German and Spanish covert art.

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