From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

The MI6 Mission Guide will help you out of a sticky situation if your gameplay skills leave you floundering somewhere in "From Russia With Love" and help you unlock all of the special bonus content. Click the links for the campaign mission you need MI6 walkthrough assistance for.

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Mission 1: London
James Bond must rescue the Prime Minister's daughter who has been kidnapped by Octopus at the Houses of Parliament.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - London

Mission 2: Hedge Maze
Infiltrate the Octopus mansion by navigating through the deadly hedge maze, then receive a briefing from M and Q.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Hedge Maze

Mission 3: Istanbul (Part 1)
Bond and Kerim Bey must fight off Russian agents on the streets of Istanbul and reach Station T in one piece.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Istanbul (Part 1)

Mission 4: Station T
Russian soldiers have overrun Station T and taken prisoners. Bond must free the hostages and defuse the bombs.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Station T

Mission 5: Istanbul (Part 2)
Darkness falls on Istanbul as Bond and Kerim sneak in to the Russian Consulate whilst dodging Russian soldiers one the streets.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Istanbul (Part 2)

Mission 6: Underground
Bond and Kerim must navigate their way through the cavernous underground waterways.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Underground

Mission 7: Gypsy Camp
The gypsy camp is overrun by armed henchman and Bond must rescue the hostages and neutralise the threats facing Bey's people.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Gypsy Camp

Mission 8: Sniper Alley
It's time for revenge as Bond goes on an assassination mission - and the target is Krilencu.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Sniper Alley

Mission 9: Consulate
Bond must infiltrate the Russian Consulate and rendezvous with Tatiana Romanova, survive the firefight and escape with the girl and the Lektor.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Consulate

Mission 10: Istanbul (Part 3)
Bond must escort Tatiana and the Lektor to a train to freedom, but the streets of Istanbul are buzzing with opponents.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Istanbul (Part 3)

Mission 11: Train
Red Grant shows his true colours on the Orient Express, when Bond must protect Tatiana and recover the Lektor.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Train

Mission 12: Factory
Hot on the trail of the Lektor, Bond follows Eva to a factory and smelting plant. Octopus are planning for world domination and 007 must destroy the facility.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Factory

Mission 13: Border
Bond must take to the waves to escape Octopus and escort Tatiana and the Lektor to safer waters.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Border

Mission 14: Octopus Base
Octopus have a nuclear missile aimed at London, and only James Bond can stop their plan by infiltrating their secret base and destroying their organisation.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Octopus Base

Secret Missions

  • Tunnels
  • Ruins
  • Plaza
  • Airport

MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Secret Missions




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