The 'Skyfall' stunt team and production crew are preparing the trains and machinery for a key scene to be filmed in Adana, Turkey...

Trains In Turkey

8th March 2012

As reported by MI6 earlier this week, preparation for "Skyfall" shooting in Turkey is underway as local media in Adana got a glimpse of some of the trains and cars that will be used in the film. The stunt team and production crew are now preparing the trains and CAT plant machinery ahead of the cast flying out next Wednesday. A number of VW Beetles will be used in a train sequence. In the New Year, Turkish officials said the film uses a lot of trains. It was originally hoped to shoot the train stunts in India, but these scenes will now be filmed in Adana, southern Turkey. Separate scenes will also be shot in the capital, Istanbul. Images may contain plot spoilers.