GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Players Guide

Mission 8: Volcano Lair

Goldfinger has been playing you all along, and now it is time to seek the ultimate revenge. You must free troops loyal to Number 1 and settle the power battle and lead the revolt against Goldfinger. the last level. This level must be done rather slowly or you will die many times and get very annoyed by the guards, most of which have OMEN XR's which can vaporize you on contact. Usually, a shot from a Mag-Rail can kill them. It is strongly recommended that you use your Goldeneye shield and other powers extensively on this level.

Go into the elevator on the left. When you get out of the elevator, use the OMEN XR in front of the desk to get rid of the enemies. Proceed down the stairs, down yet another flight of stairs, across the room, and into a room that looks somewhat like a bunker. Get used to going in these rooms. They are countless in this level. When you get past the bunker, go up the stairs and you'll come to another room - go through this room very carefully. The Mag-Rail and HS-90 is a good combination for this part of the level! There are also many guards with OMEN XR's and Venoms which can slow down your actions greatly.

After getting past the nightmare that was that large room, you will come to a gray-ish looking room. Go down the passageway to the right. When you get to the elevator on the right, go inside. Now, you have reached the prison complex. Use the Predator XR that the Goldeneye guard was using for this section of the level. Make your way halfway across the room and use the lift to the right. At the top, turn right; go up the stairs, and through the door. Follow the path and you will get to a room with the number '2' all over the place. Follow the catwalk and you will come to an elevator that you can ride down. Fight your way across the room and get through the door on the right. Do the same thing in this room except get to the door in front of you. When in the interrogation room with the computer, activate the computer and you will hack it. Go through the door to the left of the computer, and you will get to save.

Go through the door in front of you and go up any of the staircases. Quickly run across the room to the room in front of you and go into the elevator door. Do the same thing for about two or three or so rooms. Eventually, you will get to a room with a giant beam of light in the middle. Make your way to the door on the right, then go down the stairs, activate the chair, and go through the door in front of you. You will come to a reactor type room - make your way up the stairs. Whenever you get to a ladder, use it. Eventually, you will come to a door which leads to an elevator which then leads to a room similar to the one at the start of this level. Go into the meeting room on the right, whose hallway will lead you to another elevator.

Follow the straightforward path and you will get to a tunnel that winds downward. Make your way down preferably using explosives, and eventually you will come to another circular room. The Mag-Rail can take care of the guards as it usually kills them with one shot, and the HS-90 weapon can usually be used for the regular guards. Like the other rooms in this level, proceed slowly or you will be vaporized by the OMEN XR's and you will probably be hit with the Venom. When you are finished, go through the door that looks somewhat like an elevator. Make your way across the bunker room, and you will come to a room with bullet-proof glass...and Auric Goldfinger. Simply wait. Mission...and game... complete. Congratulations!

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