GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Multiplayer Modes

You can play offline split-screen multiplayer with your friends standalone or via system link. You can also play online, opening further options such as the Temple map.

Multiplayer Games and Modes

Free-for-all deathmatch with a preset win condition - time or kills. Quick and easy to get into with a small number of people (2+)

Playable maps: All

- Team Showdown
Same as showdown but with teamplay. Friendly fire can be toggled on/off.

Playable maps: All except Golden Gate Bridge, Pyramid Duel, Uplink, Carver's Press, Vault Core

A team, 'King of the Hill' style game where each side begins with 200 points and must control pads, lowering the enemy's point total to zero.

Playable maps: Bore Tunnel, Mining Pit, Temple (Online Only), Midas Vault, Turbine, Fissure, Dr. No's Reactor

Another variation of 'King of the Hill' style gameplay where control pads are death traps that enemies can trigger. First person to get the timer to zero wins. Teamplay.

Playable maps: Moonraker Fuel, Moonraker Pods, Moonraker Launch

A give-and-take teamplay mode where switches must be triggered to move a cart back and forth toward the goal. You must hit new switches to progress the cart in your direction while preventing the enemy from doing the same in the opposite direction.

Playable maps: Atlantis, Transit Tunnel

- Modifiers

Turbo Speed:
Run faster On/Off
Lethal Strike: One-hit melee kills On/Off
Death Traps: On/Off
Rapid Eye Recharge: Faster eye power recharge
Self-Eliminations: Ability to suicide On/Off