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The MI6 Mission Guide will help you out of a sticky situation if your gameplay skills leave you floundering somewhere in "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent". Click the links for the campaign mission you need MI6 walkthrough assistance for. For extra information check out the Rogue Bonus and Unlocks guides.

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Mission 1: Fort Knox
007 and yourself must foil Goldfinger's plan to irradiate the US gold reserve in an MI6 virtual reality mission based on Operation Grandslam.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Fort Knox

Mission 2: Auric Enterprises
Dismissed from MI6, you take up Goldfinger's offer to work as his underling. Dr. No has learned of Goldfinger's secret weapon "The Omen" and has launched an attack on Auric Enterprises. You must defend the mountain top base and shoot your way out.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Auric Enterprises

Mission 3: Hong Kong
Seeking revenge, Goldfinger sends you to Hong Kong to assassinate Dr. No is his skyscraper HQ. A triad informer is to provide you with a sniper rifle to take Dr. No out, but switches sides leaving you to fight you own way out to Pussy Galore's roof top extraction point.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Hong Kong

Mission 4: Midas Casino
After the attack on Auric Enterprises, Goldfinger has moved the Omen to his most secure location - the vault of his Midas Casino in Las Vegas. Xenia Onatopp, working for Dr. No, has launched an assault on the casino. You must fight your way down to the vault and protect the Omen - at all costs.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Midas Casino

Mission 5: Hoover Dam
Xenia Onatopp based herself and her troops at the Hoover Dam before the attack on Goldfinger's casino. The dam has been booby trapped with a nuclear device and, with the help of Oddjob, and you must shoot your way through the complex and face-off against Xenia before they can blow the whole place.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Hoover Dam

Mission 6; The Octopus
Goldfinger has decided to take the battle to his enemy, and must discover the location of Dr. No's island. Number 1 informs you that the coordinates are stored in a secure database in The Octopus - an underwater base used by the criminal underworld. You must secure the coordinates and escape The Octopus.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - The Octopus

Mission 7: Crab Key
It's finally time to take your revenge on Dr. No. Having discovered the coordinates from The Octopus mainframe, you take your battle to Dr. No's back yard. You must dispose of Dr. No and his army once and for all.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Crab Key

Mission 8: Volcano Lair
Goldfinger has been playing you all along, and now it is time to seek the ultimate revenge. You must free troops loyal to Number 1 and settle the power battle and lead the revolt against Goldfinger.
MI6 Campaign Players Guide - Volcano Lair


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