Location Guide - On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Lisbon, Portugal
Hot on the tail of Blofeld after the "You Only Live Twice" mission, Bond is sent to assasinate the arch villain before the he can launch the next diabolical plan. 007 (in the guise of George Lazenby) gets somewhat sidetracked in Lisbon by the fiery Tracy di Vicenzo, determined to end her own life. Mob-boss and father to Tracy, Marc Ange Draco operates out of an aparently deserted warehouse in the backstreets of Lisbon and provides the next link in the hunt for Blofeld. While in Portugal, 007 stays at the famous Palacio Estoril Hotel.



London, UK
Back in England, Bond reports to M at his house in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, before paying a visit to the College of Arms on Queen Victoria Street, London, where he makes arrangements to travel to Switzerland under the pretense of one of their genealogists.



Bern, Switzerland
In Switzerland 007 travels to Bern, where the offices of shady solicitor Gumpold reside. With help from a local operative, Bond retrieves some condemning evidence on Blofeld's claim to the title "Comte Balthazar de Bleuchamp".



Piz Gloria, Switzerland
On the top of the world in the Swiss Alps, Blofeld has constructed his stunning HQ. A vast and heavily guarded estate with laboratories, guest rooms and fine dining, the villain's new clinic is accessible only by private helicopter or cable car. Bond stays as Blofeld's guest, under the guise of genealogist Sir Hillary Bray - that is until he is unmasked as British agent 007.



Murren, Switzerland
After a furious downhill pursuit, 007 escapes Blofeld's goons and rendezvous with Tracy at the Murren ice-rink. With haste a necessity, Bond and Tracy make an escape from the Christmas Eve skaters with Blofeld following close behind. 007 attempts to report to headquarters at a phone booth in Kanton Bern and - with the goons closing in - makes an unscheduled stop at a snow-covered barn in Winteregg.


Shooting On Her Majesty's Secret Service
The production did almost as much travel time as 007 himself for this picture. The shoot began in Kanton Bern, Switzerland in October 1968, where they shot the scenes at the Christmas ice-rink party, Bond's escape from the phone box and where the second unit would remain long after pricipal photography to can the stock car chase sequence. The first unit then moved to Grindelwald to capture some of Bond's on-foot chase through the Christmas Eve celebrations.

Right: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" casts the spotlight on Western Europe...


After shooting the ground work, the Bond production team headed for the alps and the grandly converted Piz Gloria - which cost the production over 60,000 pounds to interior decorate and install a helipad. The second unit shot some of Bond's escape from Piz Gloria and Bond and Tracy's escape from Blofeld on the slopes of Lauterbrunnen.

After the first unit wrapped in Switzerland, they returned to shoot interiors at Pinewood, Buckinghamshire, UK, as well as M's stately home, Thames Lawn in Marlow near the studios. Some sequences were shot in and around England's famous College of Arms, located in Queen Victoria Street, EC4, London.

Above: Lisbon to London; London to Bern; back again and on to Piz Gloria; Piz Gloria to Murren and Kanton Bern; to London and back to Piz Gloria; return to Lisbon once more...

Finally, the production turned to Estroril and Lisbon in Portugal to shoot many of the early scenes in OHMSS. Draco's grand estate where large portions of his birthday and Bond's wedding were canned is in Abril Bridge, just outside of Lisbon. The final scene that sees the death of Tracy Bond was captured at Arrabida National Park in Setubal.

Fan Facts
In a recent MI6 poll, fans voted the icy backdrop of Switzerland and Piz Gloria the number one Bond location, picking up 22% of the voters choice. The first of the Bond films to hit the slopes, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" features death defying ski stunts and sweeping photography by legendary ski-stuntman Willy Bogner.