Timeline - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

1st April 1963 – Ian Fleming’s 11th novel, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, is published.

19th June 1964 – On Her Majesty's Secret Service comic strip by John McLusky is published in The Daily Express.

7th July 1968 – Test footage featuring Lazenby and Rigg is shot. Lazenby must perform both a love scene and a fight scene.

3rd September 1968 – UA President, David Picker attempts to convince Connery back for one more Bond.

"This never happened to the other fella."


5th September 1968 – Eon Productions’ Executives sign off on the shooting script for the fifth Bond picture.

3rd October 1968 – British press get wind of Eon Productions’ choice for Bond.

7th October 1968 – George Lazenby is officially unveiled as James Bond.

14th October 1968 – Diana Rigg is unveiled as the future Mrs. James Bond, and Lazenby's co-star for O.H.M.S.S. The casting of American actor Telly Savalas as Blofeld and several supporting roles are announced.

21st October 1968 – The crew arrives in Switzerland and Peter Hunt roles cameras on O.H.M.S.S. The crew would remain in and around the Swiss Alps for over 3 months of shooting.


19th December 1968 – The first unit returns to Pinewood Studios to shoot interiors scenes while the second unit remains in Switzerland to shoot the bobsled action.

12th January 1969 – Reporters publish rumours of a Lazenby-Rigg affair. In fact the on-set atmosphere is later revealed to be far from romantic.

24th February 1969 – John Glen arrives in Switzerland to take over the second unit direction.

21st March 1969 – Peter Hunt directs George Lazenby and Diana Rigg in the infamous proposal scene.

30th April 1969 – Key cast and crew gather for a press day in Lisbon, Portugal, to promote the upcoming picture. They rehearse Bond and Tracy’s wedding scene from the picture for the benefit of the crowd.

31 April 1969 – The crew actually begin shooting Bond’s wedding at an estate just outside of Lisbon.

13th May 1969 – The first unit set up at a beach just outside of Lisbon. Here they shoot the pre-title sequence.

23rd June 1969 – O.H.M.S.S. wraps shooting, 58 days overdue.

October 1969 – John Barry records the On Her Majesty's Secret Service soundtrack, later released featuring 11 tracks including “We Have All the Time in the World” an album cover artwork by Tom Chantrell.

18th December 1969 – O.H.M.S.S. premieres at the Odeon theatre in Leicester Square, collects $22.8 million at the box office and becomes the second-highest grossing film of 1969. The film opens simultaneously in the US, Sweden, Norway, France, Netherlands and Denmark.

19th December 1969 – O.H.M.S.S. premieres in Germany and Finland.

2nd February 1970 – George Lazenby is nominated for “Most Promising Newcomer”. Lazenby ultimately lost out to Jon Voight.

"It's all right. It's quite all right, really. She's having a rest. We'll be going on soon. There's no hurry, you see. We have all the time in the world."

16th February 1976 – On Her Majesty's Secret Service appears on ABC television – cut and rearranged to fit into two parts with narration.

4th September 1978 – O.H.M.S.S. makes it’s UK television premiere on ITV.

1995 – Louis Armstrong’s “We Have All the Time in the World” tops UK charts when it is re-released following its use in a Guinness commercial.

16th May 2000 – O.H.M.S.S. is released on DVD and Video in Special Edition.

11th February 2003 – O.H.M.S.S. soundtrack is remastered re-released with additional tracks.

17th July 2006 – O.H.M.S.S. is re-released on DVD in Ultimate Edition, with special features new and old.