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Skyfall - Memorable Quotes

M: Did they run out of drink where you were?

[Of the explosion]
Bond: They weren't targeting her, they wanted her to see it.

Tanner: The old building was declared "strategically vulnerable".
Bond: That's putting it mildly.

Bond: Where are we, Tanner?
Tanner: New digs.

Bond: Who's Mallory?
Tanner: Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. Charming man, I think
you and he are really going to hit it off.

Profiler: Gun
Bond: Shot
Profiler: Heart
Bond: Target
Profiler: M
Bond: Bitch
Profiler: Sunlight
Bond: Swim
Profiler: Moonlight
Bond: Dance
Profiler: Murder
Bond: Employment
Profiler: Skyfall... [pause] Skyfall
Bond: Done...
Mallory: Well, this is going well.

[On seeing Eve after the shooting]
Bond: I'm sorry, have we met before?

Bond: I'm not sure I can survive your best.
Eve: I don't think you'll get the chance.

[Of M's Royal Doulton Bulldog]
Bond: The whole office goes up in smoke and that bloody thing survives.
M: I've always valued your interior decorating tips, 007.

Q: I'm your new quartermaster.
Bond: You must be joking.

Q: I would hazard I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pyjamas before my first cup of earl grey than you can in a year in the field.

Bond: A gun and a radio, not exactly Christmas, is it?
Q: You were expecting an exploding pen? We don't really go in for that any more.

[To himself, after meeting Q]
Bond: Brave new world.

Eve: Room service.
Bond: I didn't order anything, not even you.

Eve: Cutthroat razor, very traditional.

Eve: Now that's better, you look the part now.
Bond: And what part's that?
Eve: Old dog, new tricks.

Bond: You look beautiful in that.
Eve: You don't scrub up so bad yourself.
Bond: It's amazing what you can do with an extra pair of hands.

Severine: Now you can afford to buy me a drink.
Bond: Maybe I can stretch to two.

Severine: You made such a bold entrance into our little drama.

Bond: Only a certain kind of woman wears a strapless dress with a Beretta 37 strapped to her thigh.

Bond: I want to meet your employer.
Severine: Be careful what you wish for, Mr Bond.

Severine: Can you kill him?
Bond: Yes
Severine: Will you?
Bond: Someone usually dies.

Mallory: We can't keep working in the shadows, there are no more shadows.

Severine: They abandoned it almost over night. He made them think there was a leak in the chemical plant. It's amazing the panic you can cause with a single computer. He wanted the island, so he took it.

[Silva's first line]
Silva: Hello James, welcome, do you like the island?

Silva: The two survivors, this is what she made us.
Bond: I make my own choices.

Silva: Look at you, barely held together by your pills and your drink.
Bond: Not to mention my pathetic love of country?

[Reading Bond's psych evaluation]
Silva: "...pathological rejection of authority due to unresolved childhood trauma."

Silva: See what she's done to you...
Bond: Well, she never tied me to a chair.
Silva: Her loss!

Silva: England... The empire... You are living in a ruin, you just don't know it yet.

[To Severine, before he shoots her]
Silva: Keep still, and whatever you do, don't lose your head.

Bond: Latest thing from Q-Branch, called a radio.

Silva: [to M] you are smaller than I remember.
M: Whereas I barely remember you at all.

Silva: They made me suffer and suffer and suffer until I realised it was you who betrayed me.

Silva: Life clung to me like a disease.

Silva: Look upon your work, mother.

[To M, of her stewardship of MI6]
Dowar MP: So it's a job well done? Well you'll forgive me for not putting up the bunting.

Q: It's like trying to solve a rubik's cube that keeps fighting back.

Q: Bond, this isn't an escape, this is years in the planning.

Bond: It won't open.
Q: 'Course it will, put your back into it.
Bond: Oh, good, there's a train coming.
Q: That's vexing.
Bond: I'm through.
Q: Told you.

[Of Bond "catching" the tube]
Commuter: He's keen to get home.

[Upon being let into the speeding Tube]
Bond: Health and safety, carry on.

Mallory: Excuse me minister, I don't mean to interrupt, but for the sake of variety do you think we might hear from the witness.

[Just before Silva bursts into the door of the enquiry room]
M: Before you declare us irrelevant, just ask yourself, how safe do you feel?

M: Too many people are dying because of me.

[in the DB5]
M: It's not very comfortable is it?
Bond: Are you going to complain the whole way?
M: Oh, go on then, eject me!

M: Where are we going?
Bond: Back in time.

[On seeing Skyfall]
M: Christ, no wonder you never came back.

Kincade: Pleased to meet you Emma.

Bond: This is not your fight.
Kincade: Try and stop me you jumped-up little shit.

Bond: I read your obituary of me...
M: And?
Bond: Bloody awful.

[On killing a mercenary]
Kincade: Welcome to Scotland.

Silva: Free both of us!

Bond: Last rat standing.

M: 007, what took you so long?
Bond: Got into some deep water.

M: I suppose it's too late to make a run for it.
Bond: Well, I'm game if you are.
M: [last words] Well, I did get one thing right.

Eve: You said it yourself, fieldwork's not for everyone.
Bond: If it helps, I feel a lot safer.

Bond: You know we've never been formally introduced.
Eve: Well, my name's Eve, Eve Moneypenny.

Mallory: So, 007, lots to be done. Are you ready to get back to work?
Bond: [last lines] With pleasure, M, with pleasure.

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