Timeline - Skyfall

7th December 2008 - Daniel Craig confirmed that the plot will be independent of the "Casino Royale", "Quantum of Solace" story arc saying, "I'm done with that story. I want to lie on a beach for the first half an hour of the next movie drinking a cocktail."

21st May 2009 - Early rumours that Bond 23 would welcome back Moneypenny and Q are started when Craig comments that he'd love for the classic characters to return.

9th June 2009 - Media speculate about possible locations for Bond 23, with Afghanistan and its infamous drugs industry rumoured as a plot point and location.

11th June 2009 - Peter Morgan is welcomed to the James Bond writing team. It is announced that the scribe of "The Queen" and "Frost/Nixon" would be working with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to pen the latest Bond plot.

20th December 2009 - Peter Morgan tells the media he has a shocking twist planned for Bond 24, alluding to the inevitable death of "M".



5th January 2010 - Sam Mendes is connected with Bond 23, but MGM deny he has been signed as director. EON Productions announce that the "American Beauty" helmsman had been hired as a consultant until MGM was clear of its financial burdens.

19th April 2010 - The Bond producers formally announce a delay in the production schedule do to the "uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM". The initially-slated release date of late 2011 early 2012 would not be met.

19th October 2010 - After months of speculation and quiet on the pre-production front, writer Peter Morgan departs the project with his treatment unfinished.


5th November 2010 - Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum take control of MGM after a refinancing deal is approved by investors. MGM announced that it had greenlit production of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" and aimed to release Bond 23 by November 2012.

11th January 2012 - MGM and EON Productions officially announced Bond 23 would be released on 9th November 2012. Sam Mendes was officially confirmed as the film's director and had brought on John Logan to assist with the scripting of the film.

30th January 2011 - Rumours hit the industry press, announcing Javier Bardem's connection with Bond 23.

27th March 2011 - Judi Dench, once more back in the role of "M", confirmed to the media that she started shooting the film in November 2011.

6th April 2011 - Sam Mendes and Barbara Broccoli travel to South African to scout locations for Bond 23.

13th April 2011 - Sony announce that it will continue its bond with 007 and co-release the upcoming Bond 23 with MGM as it had for "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace".

2nd June 2011 - The release date for Bond 23 in the UK is brought forwards to 26th October 2012.

6th June 2011 - EON Productions confirm that Naomie Harris had been in talks with the production company for a role in Bond 23, but that no deals were struck. Unlike production on the prior two Daniel Craig outings, casting for the girls roles were being firmed up well before principal photography began.

29th July 2011 - Whilst doing press for "Cowboys and Aliens", Daniel Craig confirmed a long-running rumour that the production was looking to take 007 to India again. The location was planned be used to film the pre-titles sequence train chase.

22nd August 2011 - Indian bureaucrats shuffled papers whilst EON waited to get approval for shooting on location. The producers began to talk publicly about shooting in South Africa instead.

9th September 2011 - Turkish authorities entered the bidding war for Bond by announcing publicly that The Turkish Culture Minister had granted permission for Bond 23 to shoot in Istanbul.

25th September 2011 - Plans to shoot in India were dropped and press speculated that the same sequence would be moving to South Africa instead.

5th October 2011 - MI6 first learn of the plans to title Bond 23, "Skyfall", after readers noticed a series of domain names were brought up by Sony.

6th October 2011 - Bernice Marlohe and Helen McCrory are announced as having won roles in 007's newest adventure.

8th October 2011 - The owner of Duntrune Castle revealed that the production had approached them about the use of the castle for the finale of Bond 23. This was one possible location for Bond's family home.


11th October 2011 - Javier Bardem confirms he has taken a role in Bond 23.

3rd November 2011 - EON Productions call a press conference to announce the beginning of filming. They reveal the title is "Skyfall" (the "worst kept secret"). The conference coincided with the date that Sean Connery was announced as James Bond. Corinthia Hotel in Central London hosted the event. Locations are confirmed as London, Shanghai, Istanbul and Scotland. Ralph Fiennes, and Ben Wishaw are confirmed as taking part in "Skyfall". After the conference the team headed to Whitehall to start shooting.

25th November 2011 - English actor Ben Whishaw was outed as playing a young "Q".

26th November 2011 - Shooting moves to Ascot Racecourse which doubled for the interior of the Shanghai airport.

2nd December 2011 - Daniel Craig stripped off for a brief swimming scene, set in Shanghai but filmed at the Four Seasons in Canary Wharf.

6th December 2011 - In the chilly winter air, Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris film the penultimate scene to "Skyfall", where Eve hands over a box to Bond. The scene took place on the roof of the Department of Energy and Climate Change in Whitehall.

10th December 2011 - Late at night on Childers Street in the London Borough of Lewisham, the DB5 was given a run as the crew filmed the escape to Scotland sequence.

7th January 2012 - After the holiday break Judi Dench and the Bond 23 crew recreated the elaborate funeral scenes for the men who died in MI6's explosion. Shot at the Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich, only a small amount of this sequence was ever seen on film. It was also the site of Michael G. Wilson's brief cameo.

9th January 2012 - The producers officially announce that Thomas Newman had been selected to score "Skyfall", replacing David Arnold.

13th January 2012 - The first look at the film was leaked when the internet journalists posted a picture taken of Daniel Craig on location at the Four Seasons.

17th January 2012 - Naomie Harris denies rumours that she would play Miss Moneypenny, keeping fans off her scent.

28th January 2012 - Daniel Craig films in Smithfield Market, where Bond is transported to the MI6 "new digs".


1st February 2012 - The first official photo was released by 007 producers. It showed a bearded 007 sneaking through the neons of Shanghai, a sequence actually filmed on a Pinewood soundstage.

3rd February 2012 - Daniel Craig shoots on the streets of London in Tower Hill, filming part of the desperate run to M's hearing to save the MI6 chief and hopefully capture Silva.

4th February 2012 - Judi Dench was lated to shoot on the iconic Vauxhall Bridge that overlooks the real SIS for the sequence in which she angrily watches the building explode. Snow delayed the shoot a week.

9th February 2012 - Craig and Dench spent a single day in the Scottish highlands filming their escape to Skyfall in 007's Aston Martin.

21st February 2012 - A second official photo is released, showing Judi Dench, director Mendes and DP Roger Deakins shooting on the MI6 bunker set.

23rd February 2012 - A press release announced that "Skyfall" would screen in IMAX in November.

2nd March 2012 - The second unit moves to Turkey to prepare filming the epic pre-titles sequence.

12th March 2012 - Locals spot the building of a giant Scottish manor house recreated in Surrey.

25th March 2012 - The crew conclude filming on the Surrey location, doubling for Scotland, with a fiery explosion.

12th April 2012 - After an unprecedented wait, the first full photo-set for "Skyfall" is released to the media.

22nd April 2012 - Michael Wilson spoke to the Turkish press on location in Istanbul to clear up rumours that they were destroying precious antique buildings.

29th April 2012 - Between takes on the pre-titles sequence the principal cast and crew attended a press conference in Istanbul.

17th May 2012 - The first "Skyfall" teaser poster is revealed.


21st May 2012 - The first "Skyfall" teaser trailer is released.

29th June 2012 - News that Daniel Kleinman, the title designer from "GoldenEye" through "Casino Royale" was confirmed as returning to "Skyfall".

31st July 2012 - A full theatrical trailer for "Skyfall" is released in cinemas and online.

7th September 2012 - A press release confirmed that "Skyfall" would hold its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 23rd October.

1st October 2012 - Adele is announced as 007's latest theme song artist after much speculation and rumour.

2nd October 2012 - Bérénice Marlohe appeared in Russia to promote "Skyfall"

23rd October 2012 - "Skyfall" premiered at the Royal Albert Hall.

26th October 2012 - A day after the official world premiere Bérénice Marlohe touched down in Paris to promote the film and attend the local premiere.

29th October 2012 - "Skyfall" is confirmed as making a UK box office opening weekend record for a 007 adventure.

5th December 2012 - The 23rd 007 adventure is confirmed by its makers to be the highest grossing film of all time at the UK box-office.

30th December 2012 - "Skyfall" became the first James Bond film to break a billion dollars at the worldwide box-office.

27th January 2013 - The 23rd adventure overtook "Thunderball" as the #1 Bond film of all time.

6th February 2013 - "Skyfall" became the 7th highest grossing film of all time at the worldwide box-office.

10th February 2013 - The 23rd James Bond film took home the Best British Film award at the BAFTAs, as well as winning Best Original Music. Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, and Roger Deakins were also nominated for an award.

24th February 2013 - Adele and Paul Epworth win Best Original Song at the Oscars. Skyfall also picked up Best Sound Editing and was nominated in a further 3 other categories.

12th March 2013 - "Skyfall" is released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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