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Thunderball - Mistakes

When the cars arrive at the mansion after attending the funeral, they enter through the front door. While it's opening the film crew's lighting equipment is reflected in the door. 

At the beginning of the movie, when James Bond is talking to the French woman on the balcony outside the church, he says, "As I said, later," and then, "Come on." The words "Come on" are out of sync with his mouth. He looks to be saying something completely different. 

The Colonel throws a vase at Bond who is about to catch it on his right shoulder. When we see Bond from behind, the vase shatters on his left shoulder. 

In the opening scenes, as Bond fight with Jacques Bouvar (still dressed as a woman), the dresser falls down on Bouvar, and his hat and wig are knocked off. When Bond lifts the dresser off him, the wig and hat are back on his head.

Sean Connery in Thunderball

Bond's Aston Martin's boot lid is clean when lifted to deposit the jet pack, but has a huge amount of dust (apparently from the landing) when seen a few seconds later in the view into the car through the rear windscreen. 

When putting the jet pack into the trunk of the Aston Martin, the trunk lid is unable to close all of the way. Later when driving away the lid is closed. 

When Major Derval is killed by Count Lippe and Fiona Volpe (, his eyes are open when he hits the floor. But when Volpe wraps Derval's head, the Major's eyes are closed. Later, when Bond finds him, Derval's eyes are open again. 

Wires are visible on Vulcan when it lands on the water. 

Bond's watch changes wrists several times while he is talking to the receptionist in the lobby and speaks to the receptionist at the health farm. 

When Bond is at Shrublands, and is checking out his neighbor's room (the bandaged man), his hand jumps in and out of his pocket between shots when he hears the door open and hides behind the door. 

Bond observes from his ground floor bedroom window the arrival of the ambulance at Shrubland's to pick up the real Duvall's body. But when Bond goes to investigate he's seen coming down a flight of stairs. 

The hand pulling on the lever in the "rack" sequence is shown pulling lever to full position twice. 

When Bond enters the room where Count Lippe is having a sitz bath, the sign on the door says "Massage". When he leaves the room, the sign on the same door says "Sitz Bath & Heat Treatment". 

Bond has long sleeves only in the close-up shots of him removing the wraps from Major Derval's body in the health spa. 

When Bond arrives at headquarters he has a hat which he hangs on the hatstand; when he leaves the hat is gone.

When the Vulcan goes down in the sea, wires suspending the model are visible. 

Sean Connery in Thunderball

When Bond reveals the tape recorder in the dictionary, he pushes the stop and rewind button and the tape stops, then rewinds. Subsequent to this, the sound of the play button being pressed can be heard and the tape begins to move but Bond's fingers do not move to press the button. 

The ransom is to be dropped, according to the briefing officer at "Precisely 20 degrees north, 60 degrees east" off the Mergui Archipelago. A glimpse at an atlas shows these locations are actually about 2,500 miles apart. 

When Bond meets Domino (Claudine Auger) for the first time in the underwater scene he is wearing flippers. In the next scene, when he is talking with her behind her boat, he has no flippers on his feet. When he swims back to his own boat his flippers are back again. 

Sean Connery in Thunderball

The map on Moneypenny's wall between her and M's office changes from Central America before the conference, to the Soviet Union and Europe after the meeting. 

The VIP played by Roland Culver is called Home Secretary by M but in the end titles is listed as Foreign Secretary. 

In the casino scene, Bond can be seen in the background talking to Felix Leiter before they have met (they know each other already, of course, but the bedroom meeting is presented as the first time they've met for a while). 

When Bond and Domino dance, in the background is clearly visable a brass band, and a trumpet solo, but the score is orchestral.

Bond punches Felix as he's about to say "007," so as to not tip off his identity to the man hidden in the bathroom. But then Bond says it himself after apprehending the man, who is still conscious and can hear him. 

Bond remarks to Volope that what he did was for "King and country" even though Queen Elizabeth had been the British monarch since 1952.

Writing on Domino's scuba mouthpiece backwards in one shot as she emerges from the sea, revealing use of a mirror image 

The comb in Domino's hand when she meets Bond for the first time lacks continuity, disappearing and reappearing. 

Domino steps on an egg spine with her right foot. When Bond takes out the spine, he does it from her left foot. 

After Bond removes the egg-spine from Domino's foot, their respective positions repeatedly change between shots. 

After Bond informs Domino of her brother's murder, Domino's tears make her mascara run. This is after a long dive that doesn't mess up her make-up. 

After Bond kills Vargas, Domino starts talking to him. In the shot from behind Bond, Domino's hands are placed on Bond's shoulders, but in the next shot, facing Bond, her arms are at her side. In the very next shot, again from behind Bond, her hands are once more on Bond's shoulders. 

When Domino asks James to kill Largo, her hands aren't touching him in one shot, then they are on his shoulder in the next, then on the side of arms in the next shot. 

An image of Domino scuba diving is momentarily reversed (regulator hose momentarily switches from right to left side, along with reversal of her swimsuit pattern) 

After Bond informs Domino of her brother's murder, Domino's tears make her mascara run. This is after a long dive that doesn't mess up her make-up. 

The SPECTRE operative recovers Bond's large size double scuba tanks with one hand and impossible ease. As he lifts them water can be seen pouring out of the nozzles - probably hollow plastic with water to help them sink a little 

Sean Connery in Thunderball

The Panamanian flag on the Disco Volante is upside-down throughout the film. It flew in that configuration only in 1903. 

At the Junkanoo (the parade) 007 is shot in the leg as he escapes. In the close-up shots of his legs there is a scarlet blood stain, in the long shots of him there is no blood pouring from either leg 

When briefing 007, Q talks with his mouth closed. 

When Bond is riding in the helicopter around Palmira, one shot shows him looking out of an opening on the right side of the helicopter, with the left side being a solid wall. A succeeding shot shows him looking out of an opening on the left side of the helicopter, with a solid wall on the right side. 

When Bond emerges from the basement at Palmyra, he opens the door and leaves it open. A moment later, we see the door and it's closed again. 

When Bond exits the basement after the death of Paula the door visably bangs open, but no sound accompanies the visuals.

Watch closely when Bond and Leiter are flying over Palmyra in the helicopter - Bond must be sitting on the right of the helicopter as Leiter is clearly seen piloting the machine from the left hand seat. Yet Bond manages to look out of the left hand side of the helicopter with his binoculars. The fact that Bond's hair parting changes sides suggests that the negative has been reversed for some reason. 

When Bond and Leiter are in the helicopter at the Golden Grotto, Leiter has shorts on. The shot changes and he has long trousers on and then reverts back to shorts in the next shot. 

When Largo releases the sharks into the main swimming pool, where they move to devour the henchman Bond has just killed, the normal behavior of the species should result in a feeding frenzy that would to some extent rile the waters of the pool and cause the cover over it (which Largo had closed to keep the men trapped underwater) to move noticeably, even violently. But when the scene above the pool is shown, the cover is nearly still, and in fact, virtually all signs of underwater movement quickly die away. 

When Bond is swimming through the small passageway between the regular pool and the shark pool, he stops briefly to make way for one shark swimming in the opposite direction. As he watches it swim by, Bond's right hand is plainly leaning on a piece of glass between him and the shark swimming past. 

When Bond hitches a ride with Fiona in her Mustang convertible, the engine sound that's overdubbed comes from a smaller sports car. 

The first time we see Bond and his partner dancing in the outdoor nightclub, the band can clearly be seen behind them. There are several brass instruments playing and a soloist is clearly standing and playing a muted trumpet. The music we hear, however, is purely strings without brass of any kind, much less a trumpet. There are no violins to be seen in the orchestra. 

When Bond is being held in the car, a drunk comes along a offers a bottle of rum. Bond spills the run over the back of the front seat and ignites it. The fluid flashes and burns with a bright orange flame. Rum will not flash and only burns with a cool, dim blue flame. It would not be hot enough to immediately set the car seat alight. 

Largo says to Bond that Golden Grotto sharks are the most dangerous, the most savage. In fact that's false. The Bull/Zambezi shark is regarded as the most dangerous to man in all tropical waters. 

An obvious stunt double for Bond portrayer Sean Connery, clad in a pink swimsuit, swimming in the canal, then emerging up the stairs and alongside the bridge 

When Bond is coming out of Largo's Palmyra basement after seeing Paula dead, the door swings open widely, but makes no noise. 

After Bond has escaped Largo's sharks, lighting equipment is reflected in the car door as he opens it. 

When Bond hoists himself from Largo's shark pool his hair is dry and perfectly combed. 

Bonds' swim trunks are wet after the swim in the cove yet they're dry as he walks from behind the wall. 

Bond gains sneakers after swimming towards the cove. 

Sean Connery in Thunderball

When Bond and Leiter are in the helicopter at the Golden Grotto, Leiter has shorts on. The shot changes and he has long trousers on and then reverts back to shorts in the next shot. 

When Bond is underwater, a diver takes his goggles. He then attacks another diver and "steals" his goggles and puts them on. Not only do the goggles change color from black to blue in rapid succession, but the goggles would be filled with water if Bond put them on underwater. 

Bond replaces his blue scuba mask with a black one, but is seen wearing a blue one later. 

The scene with Bond underwater searching for the Vulcan bomber shows his dive cylinder as plain white, however on surfacing and handing the tank to Felix Leiter, his cylinder has a large blue manufacturer's sticker (Voit Lung) on the back 

Largo's underwater stunt double has noticeable blonde hair while Largo himself has white hair. 

The boat captain's hat gets knocked off three times during the fight. 

Largo dialogue unsynchronized when he returns to the Disco Volante for the final chase and battle scene. 

In the scene when the boat is going "out of control" the direction the boat is going according to view out the windows doesn't match up with the direction the steering wheel is turning. 

The part in James's hair reverses while he is in the helicopter talking to Felix Leiter due to a flipped shot. 

For most of the climatic underwater battle, Bond is wearing an international orange wetsuit jacket and white shorts. But after the battle, as he takes off on the underwater sled, there's a very quick shot where you can see he has black wetsuit pants on. 

In close shots, the rear part of the Disco Volante (after splitting) is not floating and not moving in the water and is obviously a fixed stage. 

Just before the rear section of the Disco Volante explodes, at least one dummy can clearly be seen "seated" on its starboard side. 

Sean Connery in Thunderball

The Professor tells Bond and Domino that the Disco Volante is about to run into the reef, but does so without turning round to look! He also manages to shout his warning without even moving his lips!

When the Disco Volante hits the rocky island and explodes, you can clearly see an old vessel is being used as "body-double". 

During the final scene when Bond and Domino are climbing into the raft, Domino's bathing suit has only one strap over the left shoulder from a distance and returns to straps over both shoulders during close up scene

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