Location Guide - The Man With The Golden Gun


London, UK
James Bond is summoned to the famous top-floor office of M, head of MI6, and given leave as a death-threat from the world's sharpest freelance marksman arrives with 007's name on it. Useless on his current assignment, Bond suggests to M that he is only good to the Service if he finds the assassin Francisco Scaramanga before Scaramanga finds him.



Beirut, Lebanon
Beginning the near impossible task of finding the illusive hit-man, Bond visits the locale of Bill Fairbanks' (002) death. Bond's colleague of the 'licence to kill' department was assassinated by Scaramanga in a smoky nightclub in the heart of Beirut. Bond meets with an exotic dancer, also Fairbanks' ex-lover, now wearing the golden bullet as a lucky charm. Bond charms his way to retrieving the bullet, whilst fending off attackers.




Macau Province, China
The bullet is analysed by Q-Branch and points to Lazar, a specialist arms-maker in China. With a little prompting Lazar reveals to 007 how he gets the bullets to Scaramanga. Bond watches at the Floating Macau Palace as Lazar makes his drop and it is collected by a woman. Bond tails the beautiful but troubled Andrea Anders via ferry to Hong Kong.



Hong Kong
Bond, with the help of agent Mary Goodnight, traces Miss Anders to the Peninsula Hotel. Questioning Anders, Bond discovers that Scaramanga has an appointment at the Bottoms Up Club on Hankow Road. Whilst staking out the venue, Bond is shocked to find that the hit-man's appointment is the assassination of Gibson - an expert in solar energy. Amidst the commotion Bond is picked up by MI6's own Lieutenant Hip and whisked to the wreck of Queen Elizabeth in Kowloon Bay, now a service outpost.



Bangkok, Thailand
Bond and Hip visit Scaramanga's associate Hai Fat. The evening does not go how 007 had planned and ends with Bond waking up at the Muang Boran Karate school where he is ably rescued by Hip and his nieces. Undeterred, the black-belts at the school give pursuit and Bond is chased through the river-side markets of the Khlong and Thon Buri. With no new leads, Bond and Goodnight have a romantic dinner at the Oriental Hotel, but their evening is interrupted by Anders who agrees to provide the Solex Agitator in exchange for 007 killing Scaramanga.




Saraburi Province, Thailand
Bond and Goodnight rendezvous at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium where the pair have agreed to meet Anders. But 007 discovers the cold corpse of the damsel and Scaramanga nearby to gloat. When Bond makes his move, the assassin has disappeared and taken Miss Goodnight with him. Bond pursues with Louisiana Sheriff J.W. Pepper in tow, but in a disused warehouse Scaramanga's Medator sprouts wings and takes off.



Scaramanga Island, South China Sea
The homer in Goodnight's outfit leads MI6 to believe Scaramanga is hiding out on a remote island in the South China sea. Bond seeks permission to go in under the radar via seaplane and extract Goodnight and the Solex technology. Bond's plane is spotted and Scaramanga dines with 007 before challenging him to a dual. In his 'funhouse' Bond battles the assassin, ultimately taking the place of a mannequin Scaramanga has made in Bond's likeness.


Shooting The Man With The Golden Gun
Guy Hamilton returned to the directors chair once again directing his fourth (third consecutive) Bond film. The production began in November 1973 with a small unit filming in and around Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong - notably Bond's arrival aboard the genuine Queen Elizabeth wreck, having sunk just a year before. Bond was stood in for by a stunt double as Roger Moore was not due to join the production until early into 1974.

Above: Bond pursues a lead on the mysterious hitman, Scaramanga, journeying to the a Middle-Eastern night-club...

The crew continued their Far East shooting schedule with Moore joining the Bond family for a second outing, whilst the crew were in Macau Province, China. Hong Kong was utilised extensively with Dragon Garden in Castle Peak, Hong Kong doubling for Hai Fat's rural Thailand estate. The Bottom's Up club was a real establishment at the time of shooting and the Khlong-side (canal) markets of Bangkok were host to the 007 second unit when they staged Bond's escape from the Karate School by boat.

Above: Bond heads east to China and Hong Kong, following the golden bullet...

The crew then journeyed south-west to the Phuket coast where sequences involving Scaramanga's island lair were shot. In '74 the island was all-but deserted and special provisions for the cast and crew were made by the producers. The nearest running water was miles away by plane or boat, and together with the heat, this provided both a logistical and morale-boosting challenge for "The Man With The Golden Gun" producers, Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli. The island of Ko Khao Phing Kan was home to the crew during the days of shooting exteriors of the villain's lair and the tall protruding rock from which the solar disc emerges was the isle of Ko Tapu - now more commonly referred to as "James Bond Island".

Above: Bond meets Hai Fat, escapes Karate black-belts,and wines and dines Mary Goodnight before following Scaramanga to his island lair...

The second unit had a daring and by no means more pleasant task to perform on the Thai mainland. The famed dare-devil stunt driver "Bumps" Williard was employed to assist the crew in the now-infamous (for its accompanying whistle) 360 degree barrel role. Hundreds of calculations were made as well as special modifications to the AMC Hornet (the steering wheel was lowered and centred and Williard drove the car laying on his stomach for best weight distribution) in order to make Bond's vehicle take to the skies. The stunt, so complex that it was, has never been performed successfully on film again.

The crew returned to wrap up shooting at the 007 Films' spiritual home of Pinewood Studios, completing the production process in summer of 1974 and proceeding into post-production, ready in time for a December '74 release.